Arizona – The Adventure Begins

February 27th, and I am off to the airport.  Seems I have made it ahead of the rush hour, as there is not much of a line to get through security.  One would think that the lines being smaller would be a good thing.  But, enter TSA.  I would assume with all the attacks they have been under (the fact that is is justified seems to be irrelevant) must mean that they find they have to show that they are being useful members of society and are checking almost every other person going through.  I got particularly singled out for the offense of wearing a long skirt.  I am sure there is an absolute plethora of things one can conceal under a long skirt.

Though, I was lucky in the agent they sent to give me the pat down.  She must not have been working for them long, for she actually had a personality!  After having me extend one leg forward and the other leg back and then asking me to switch, which of course I couldn’t resist not doing without jumping to make the switch, I told her I felt like I was getting a dance lesson.  She told me that she used to teach ballroom dance.  I told her that at least she stayed involved in contact sports, but I would think the previous occupation would have been more fun.  We both had a bit of a laugh over that one.  But, the rest of them proved true to their creed and looked on with the glowers of professional lemon suckers.

That was probably why they found it necessary to question my bag.  After telling the man 3 times that the mini tripod was in my backpack, not my bag, he insisted on looking through it a bit.  Personally, I think they do that just so they can see what kind of underwear each female passenger wears.  I finally figured out what the issue was with my bag.  My makeup brushes were what was setting off their x-ray.  Note to self, Victorian reproduction makeup brushes can be deemed a threat to national security!

Lucky me!  There is no one in the center seat.  So the man in the aisle

seat and I get to use the center seat for our stuff.  Mikki’s bear got her own seat!  And yes, I did buckle her in!  This was Mikki’s birthday present.  I spent over a year on this figuring out all of the different outfit pieces.  I’ve never made a hat before, so I don’t think I did too bad on my first attempt.  The “fur” was a fabric I found that has the weight and feel of real sheepskin, right down to the backing on it.  I had to use a sailor’s palm while working on it and use a glover’s needle.  That was fun!

There was a lady that came up to me just before I got on the plane that kept insisting that she had seen the bear before.  That she knew this bear.  I told her that wasn’t possible, since I had made it and there wasn’t another one like it.  Not sure if she was trying to pull something or what.  But, one of the flight attendants kept coming over and commenting on it as well.  So, I think I did pretty good!



And we are off!  Just a light spattering of clouds floating across the sky as we head off.  I wave goodbye to my lovely city hoping deary for mellow weather when I reach my destination.  Now comes the wait for them to ever so s-l-o-w-l-y make their way down the aisle to offer us beverages.  They are telling us that they are now serving Starbuck’s coffee, so I am a bit jazzed.  Decent coffee.  Woops!  Forgot to take into consideration that it still relies on how they make the coffee.  Properly made coffee should not be clear!  It should be dark and thick and hot.  At least it had a bit more color than tea, but not much.


It does take your breath away when you see your mountains from so high above them.  Especially this early in the year when they are still coated with the snow icing of the winter storms, snowy rivulets running down the creases of the canyons and the stray clouds kissing their peaks.




As we travel further south, I see the expanse of the snow crusted mountain range.  Just glorious to look at from this vantage point.  The beauty of being surrounded by glacial mountains never ceases to fill me with awe.  Its a place where one can tramp through the snow at any time in the year.  One only needs to go to the right altitude.




And this just looks like a lovely pastry.  A chocolate eclair drizzled with sparkling white frosting.  Time to say goodbye to the frosty peaks, the green hills and the clean air.

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