More Snow is A’Fallin!

Tis a Winter Wonderland around here now! Unfortunately, I am suffering still from a nasty cold and can’t get out and enjoy it the way I would like to. But, hacking cough and all, I have gone and stomped around in it and lifted my face for snow kisses.

Friday was a most interesting day where Sephi had one of her shoulda stayed home in bed days. Went to store to get some things and braved the icy roads. When I loaded stuff into car, I slipped on the ice and fell on my butt (I don’t bounce as good as I used to!). Then I got home and couldn’t make it up the slick driveway and had to wait for the plow truck to dump sand to give me traction. I got the groceries unloaded and went to light a fire, and the flue wasn’t open, so I set off the smoke alarm and when I ran to open it, I burned my finger on the handle. Sometimes I can be such a danger to myself. Karissa said “Awww, poor mommy!” while giggling when I told her the story.

We got more snow last night! I had to go out and get myself some tire cables as I cannot get up the drive to my apartment because of the slick roads. And thankfully a new friend up here was gracious enough to put them on the car for me. Though, I shall have to either figure out how to summon the hand strength to remove them when the ice & snow level melts a bit. Or find another well meaning soul to help me again.

And this one, I just had to take. Amazing how tightly the monster can ball himself up. And he so likes camping in front of the heater to try and suck all of the heat into his body. Such a male he is!

And this was just a pretty picture of the snow fallin at night in the complex. I am so loving the changes in seasons up here. But, I wish the onset of winter might have been a wee bit gentler on this transplant so that I could have had a chance to acclimate a bit better. And there will be more snowfalls before the winter is done and I will be well by then and can go play as I would like to now.

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