Murderer’s Row In The Springtime – New Painting


Murderer’s Row In The Springtime

Camano Island Studio Tour 2017 – Day One



 Every good journey should begin with a dinosaur.  Yes, dear readers, dinosaurs do inhabit our island.  Its a little known secret.  Alas, we have droves of carnivorous hummingbirds that strip all the flesh from them and leave their skeletons scattered throughout the island.
 We have the BEST clouds here!
 And even cooler when you strip the color.
 Apologies on the reflections.  I tried many angles and this was the best I could do.

This is one of the Dorseys.  I failed to write down which one to attribute to each painting.  What I know is that this entire family is immensely talented.

 Another one from the Dorsey’s.  I fell in love with the tree in this painting.  He did such a wonderful job on the shadows in it.
 And this one was just lovely!
 Upstairs was the work of Ann Cory.  I fell in love with her eagle.  Alas, I can’t afford it.  
 This one has a bit of a Vincent feel to it, doesn’t it?  I fell in love with it as well.
 This was a tree outside on the next property for Betty Dorotik’s Studio and home.  I couldn’t resist the tire swing!
 One of nature’s contributions.  
 The gate flamingo!
 And my lovely sidekick Margie!
 This is a tree stump Betty has in her garden.  It looks like there is a nest on the top of it.
 Yard and porch art.  How fun!
 And she has her own swing in her garden.  I need to figure out how to do one in mine.  Course, that probably means growing a couple of bigger trees.
 The view from her back porch.
 Back of her house from the garden.  Such a lovely home!
 This is one of her owl paintings that I fell in love with.  Amazing talent!
 Gotta love the ravens and their shinies
 Another one of her pieces that took my breath away.  Such a majestic hawk!
 Margie venturing into her tool shed.
 Sitting right inside the shelf inside the shed.
 Love the handle!
 More of her garden art.  Gorgeous statue.
 The trees are watching you!
 And a watcher from above.
 And this is the work of Susan Cohen Thompson.  Her work has a touch of magic to it.  And I think she has been featured in a number of magical magazines if I am not mistaken.
 Garden art again.  Must be something about artists and their gardens.
 I am going to take a chance that I have the artist correct on this as I don’t seem to have a card.  Roger Cocke.  He also belongs to the brushes above.  
 And this piece I would so have loved to have brought home with me.  I fell in love with the colors in the clay.  He explained to me how he does it.  But, I don’t remember.  Probably because I was just smitten wit the face.
 And as we were leaving, Margie pointed out the glasswork on the door next door.  It is some pretty impressive glasswork!
 And that was the end of day one.  We had actually visited quite a few others, but I didn’t have my camera when we were at the Terry’s Corner displays and some of the artists didn’t want their work photographed.
 And since I still can’t figure out how to get SmugMug to work in here, I will just add the link to the gallery for anyone that wants to see all the pictures.

Pretty In Pink – New Watercolor Painting


Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Sketching Practice – May 18, 2017















Then I worked on darkening the flamingo sketch a bit.


Ode To Strangers


Prompt Week 05/15/2017 – Shadow, Photograph, Darkness, Ode to Strangers, Swinging & Sliding

Ode To Strangers

I see you.  I have watched you from near and far.  You have not seen me though.  I would have known if you had by the startle in your eyes, the slight stiffening in your shoulders, the tightening at your lips or the little tremble in your fingertips.  None of you, in all the places I have watched, have spied, have studied, have ever had the slightest hint of my presence.  Or, at least of my focus on you.  I have not always been obscured by the darkness, though it generally began there.  The shadows are my friend and co-conspirator, veiling me whilst I learn and watch, making notes in my book of you.  The places you like most, the foods you order most often, the things you dislike that make your scowl.  I also bring my camera with me.  Just the little one most of the time.  I do need the big one if I am a distance away.  But, I keep it in the car behind the seat always, just in case.  But, the little one fits nicely in my pocket, almost silent when I click the button to take photographs to go with my writings.  I print them at home and watch with anticipation as they slide out of the printer.  Full color, glossy memories of my day with you.  I add them to the rest on the lines over my bed.  This is so I can look on your faces as I close my eyes to sleep at night.  I just lay there, tapping gently on the newest pictures and watch them swinging and sliding along the lines.  A dancing mobile of all of you.  Often, I smile, needing just a little bit more and I reach for the box next to the bed and spread out the contents across my lap on the blanket.  The presents.  One from each of you.  Grandma’s ring.  Father’s cufflink.  Mother’s necklace.  Sister’s bracelet.  All wrapped up in a soft piece of velvet in the box.  And in a little jar next to them, a tooth from each of you.  The blood has dried almost black on them and I have to be very careful so it doesn’t flake off.  They just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have that part of you as well.

This room, this place, these treasures are all an Ode to you, once strangers.  But now you are all mine.  Strangers no more.  And fear not.  I will find others to join you.  The family will grow.  Yes, the family has only just begun.

Sephi PiderWitch

River Flight – New Watercolor Painting


“River Flight”












When I scanned the painting, I accidentally scanned it in grayscale first.  I decided I liked how it came out and thought I would add it at the bottom.

Fire Island



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