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The Eve of 2013

2013_starsToday is the eve of 2013. Thirteen is such an auspicious number. I cannot but believe that it shall bode well for the coming year ahead. It is the number of the moons that travel the sky through the course of the year. We get but one 13th year in each century. And it also comes on the tail end of a century that has left the teens behind. That makes it a mature and well established thirteen.

But, there are many that feel that thirteen is a number that bodes of bad luck, dire happenings and evil and malignant intents. So feared is this number that it has earned its own phobia, Triskaidekaphobia. Buildings are made without a 13th floor, though I wonder how they can pull that one off. you can’t just rename a floor a level number other than what it is. Counting would surely prove that one out. So, does the architect build in a mini floor or a solid floor that is sealed from use? Thirteen turns in a traditional hangman’s noose. It is the count of the witches as they gather around the cauldron deep in the woods stirring spells into the night.

In thinking on this, it makes the year leading up to this point make more sense. Those that have been opening their arms to welcome the magic of the thirteenth year and those that huddled in fear, wrapping themselves in their bible blanket and loading the chambers in their arms. The prophecies of the apocalypse running head to head with those of the advent of peace.

It is happening already across the miles around the world, making its way to this end of the world. The world survived the doomsday, proved the dire misreadings wrong. The old still hangs on to what threads it can, wraps them around to tie the known into place. But, thirteen is the disruption, the gate. The end of a teen and beginning of a new. The twisting apart and separating.

I have no doubt that it will be a rough year. The old do not give up their ghosts and their ways very easily. But, I believe it will also be quite entertaining as the new tries on its new dancing shoes and takes the universe for a spin. So many cycles changing in all the cultures in the world. The year shall be a spinning, whirling dervish dance that willing or not, we will all be caught up in. It will be a memorable time for all if you keep an open mind and a playful heart. The Mother’s been needing a good hoedown for a while now.

So, let us pick up our paintbrushes, our crayons, our dancing shoes and our marching batons. The passions and wonders of the new adolescence is about to open the door. It is time for the parents to go to their rooms and new things to be created. Welcome to you, lucky Thirteen! May your awakening leave our lives beautifully adorned!