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Not A Chicken, Not A Chicken! – Watercolor

Not A Chicken, Not A Chicken!

Well, this one, like another one I did, got named by a friend seeing a different creature than what was in the painting.  In her defense, she does have an odd fascination with chickens.  The more I thought about it, the more amused I was with it.  So, the painting was named.
Oh, and the inspiration for the painting was a photo by Ken Fowkes.  Thanks Ken!

“Not A Chicken, Not A Chicken!”
(Pssttt, its a turkey!)




































Woops!  Forgot the original Photo it was done from.
Thanks again Ken!

Green Grass Grew All Around – Watercolor

Green Grass Grew All Around – Watercolor

After the Rain – Watercolor

After The Rain

SunFires – Acrylic Painting


Sitting Pretty – Watercolor

“Sitting Pretty” – Watercolor

My little Cassie Girl – I am actually quite proud of this one!

Stormy Weather – Acrylic Painting

Stormy Weather – Acrylic Painting

Flowers – Watercolor

Not nearly as subtle as I would like. Yes! I am trying to learn subtle. I should have know this would be a bit difficult.

The Ugly Heron – Acrylic

The Ugly Heron – Acrylic

(After thinking about a comment from a friend who didn’t quite see the horse in the sketch and thought it was a heron, I thought that would be a cool name for the painting, The Ugly Heron.  The Ugly Duckling grew into a beautiful swan, after all)