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“Cliff Tones” – New Watercolor

“Cliff Tones” – New Watercolor
By Sephi PiderWitch


“Flower in the Attic” – New Watercolor

Flower in the Attic


SunFires – Acrylic Painting



Poppy – New Watercolor

Poppy – New Watercolor


Flowers – Watercolor

Not nearly as subtle as I would like. Yes! I am trying to learn subtle. I should have know this would be a bit difficult.





InkTober 2015 Week 1

Okay, so I got talked into participating in this InkTober thing where you are supposed to do an ink sketch every day of October.  I started a few days behind, so I had to catch up a little.  And I thought it would be nice to record them here.

So, here is the first week in InkTober.  I had actually had this partially sketched out in pencil at a restaurant and thought I could quickly detail it out a bit with ink.

InkTober #1
InkTober #2 – Sketched while watching TV20151003_180213
InkTober #3 – Cuz garlic is just cool!
InkTober #4 – Okay, not my best, but it caught me up to the 4 drawings due.
So, that catches me up on the first week.  Hopefully, I can keep it up for the whole month.  I would like to note that something I found rather upsettling when I looked Inktober up was there appears to be people that say the one they are posting is something they had done at another time, and they are well done ink drawings.  Though I appreciate the skill in them, I personally think this is a detraction to what I see as the purpose of this.  The purpose is an exercise to inspire you to do a little creative thing each day.  Its not a contest or anything like that.  At first I was a bit set back by it, because I was posting much rougher sketches, but then I realized, I was actually doing what the exercise was.  And it is not a contest.  Just a way to fire up creativity.



The Garden



Sunflowers in Seattle 08/05/2014

Seattle 08-30-2014-1This is a tree.  Even though the title of the post is Sunflowers in Seattle, it does not begin in Seattle, but on the way there.  This is one of my favorite trees on my island by one of my favorite coffee stands (and not because they give me goodie bags on Saturday, but that does help)  However, does this not look like a lady in this tree?
Seattle 08-30-2014-4Just like a Nile Goddess, I think.  Complete with barbs shooting out at those that displease her!
Seattle 08-30-2014-6Pretty, shiny glass balls floating in a birdbath!  And I only stopped to play with them for a few moments.  Course, that was because I wanted breakfast.  One must have one’s priorities.
Seattle 08-30-2014-11This was really in the restaurant and they really let you put money in to play with it.  The girls in the table next to it had a blast watching me play with it.  I do hope their parents let them have a chance at it as well.
Seattle 08-30-2014-15See?  Sunflower!  Yes, it looks a wee bit sad.  It was growing on the deck above the restaurant.  It was probably sad because people weren’t coming up to admire it.
Seattle 08-30-2014-18And momma sunblossom looked down on her little sunlings trying to think of how to tell them that the sun time was nearing its end and they needed to rise up and dance while they still could.
Keeping a watchful eye on all that pass below.Seattle 08-30-2014-25
Seattle 08-30-2014-27Ooooh, oooh, sunshadow.  Oh wait!  That’s supposed to be moonshadow.  Well, works for suns too.
Seattle 08-30-2014-28Oh, shyness!  Let us see your face!
Seattle 08-30-2014-33Shiny!!!  Blue shiny!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-37And this multi-critter dwelling has many of the sought after amenities such as knothole balcony, stripped bark slide to ground level, climbing branches to upper levels.  No reasonable offer refused.
Seattle 08-30-2014-38See?  Its not all flowers.  Sometimes its trees and leaves.  Look at how shiny the leaves are?  Notice how often that shiny word seems to apply when its not a flower?  I’m sure an analyst could have fun with that one.  But, isn’t the color contrast lovely as well?
Seattle 08-30-2014-50
Seattle 08-30-2014-49Claudia proudly shows off her new perm.  A few good shakes and you are good to go!
Seattle 08-30-2014-54Oh looking down there!  That must be where our petals went Agnes!
Seattle 08-30-2014-55This is what I get for not listening when they told me not to overdo it in the sauna.  I’ll never be able to do a thing with this mop.  What will the girls say?  *Sigh*
Seattle 08-30-2014-59I just got back from the petalcurist and she just got in this awesome new color.  What do you think?  I know.  Shiny!
Seattle 08-30-2014-60I hear they are having tryouts for a remake of Little Shop of Horrors!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-64We’d rather try out for the new Hair.  They’re gonna call it Petal.All together now.  Let the Sun Shine.  Let the Sun Shine In.  The Sun Shine In!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-72Just hide back in the corner there!  We’ll cover you.  No one will ever know you are there.
Seattle 08-30-2014-66Yeah, its that PINK thing again.  Well, I guess it looks okay on the flowers.  Kinda the color of cotton candy.  Hmmm?  Wonder if its edible?
Seattle 08-30-2014-70Come here, my pretty.  Let me get a better look at you!!!

Seattle 08-30-2014-68I’m MEELTTTING!!!!!


Seattle 08-30-2014-77Dewdrops keep falling on my face!
Just like the gal whose feet are too big for her bed
Nothing seems to fit
Oh, dewdrops keep fallin’ on my head
Keep a-fallin’
Seattle 08-30-2014-75‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Fly,
”Tis the prettiest parlour that ever did you spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I have many curious things to show when you are there.’
‘Oh no, no,’ said the little Fly, ‘to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.’
Seattle 08-30-2014-85AHHHH – AHHHH – AHHHHH – CHOOOOO!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-87Don’t let them deceive you.  They are really alien pods that will soon hatch tiny aliens that will make the spiders look like smiling baby bunnies.  The giveaway is the dark beam they are transmitting to the mother ship off to the left.  Its the left pod of darkness and they count on the rumor that people almost never look up.  So, they will never see it.  Even if they do, they won’t figure it out untill its too late.
Seattle 08-30-2014-89The sound of chainsaws could be heard from the street as people passed by the house, shrouded in darkness.  Even the stray cat kept its distance from the ominous porch.
Seattle 08-30-2014-91The task force at the top of the needle responds to the dark pods transmission with one of their own.  The residents have always been oblivious to the real purpose of the iconic spaceship structure on top, believing it to be a product of Disney’s forgotten cousin for the world fair.  He had gone on to work for NASA after his cousin refused him a job and denied the familial ties.  It was a better job anyway.  Plus, his family was guaranteed tickets off the planet in the event of the rumored zombie apocalypse.
Seattle 08-30-2014-92Its really a portal to another dimension. If you look carefully, you can see the darklands beyond the lower branch.
Seattle 08-30-2014-94Shhhh!!!  Mum’s the word!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-96Someone might want to tell that one that she’s a long way from Texas.
Seattle 08-30-2014-81Ominous looking, isn’t it???
Seattle 08-30-2014-106I don’t know.  Just cuz they were so bright and such a contrast to the background.  That’s why.
Seattle 08-30-2014-109Da-dump-da-dump  Da-dump-da-dump Da-dittly-dattly-dump-da-dump
Seattle 08-30-2014-111Oooh, what’s that???
Seattle 08-30-2014-117Okay, on the count of three, pinch your nose and drop.  1 . . . . . 2 . . . . 3!
Seattle 08-30-2014-119Its so you know which staircase to take to get to that apartment.
Seattle 08-30-2014-120We finally have an update on the ship that was lost 63 years ago.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any life on board.
Seattle 08-30-2014-123This is what happens when the Sirens get bored and get a head start on their winter crafting.

Clipped and Clean and New Babies To Put To Bed

Cassie 1.27.2014 -2
Well, hey there!  I guess its time to go play in the garden again.  Contrary to mom’s opinion, I think I would be most helpful out there lending assistance to the tasks at hand.  I have looked out the window and seen all those feathered and furred morsels, uhm, I mean monsters, that are in need of my eradication of.  I am far more capable that mom gives me credit for and just seek the opportunity to prove myself.
Ooooh lookie!  Squirrel!Cassie 1.27.2014 -1
May Shots-1-2
Sometimes the universe just smiles on you and you are heading home from the store and catch the tail end of a plant sale on the island.  You pick out a couple of plants and are told they have dropped the price on every plant there.  Then they keep handing you more and more plants as freebies.  And when you get to the final total for the overwhelming batch of plants, its $5.00.  Wow!!!  I do love this island!
May Shots-4-2
Tada!!!!  The front yard is now freshly mowed.  Will save the raking for another day.  All I have to say is all that time I used to spend at the gym has NOTHING on all of this!  And then there is the additional payoff of the beauty of the land and gardens and your feet in connection with Mama Earth!
That really is a lotta lotta space to mow!May Shots-5-2
May Shots-6-2A view looking in.  And I am sure that her little flooferness self is looking out drooling all over her ruff and wishing she was out here with me.
See?  There really is quite a yard in front as well.  May Shots-7-2
May Shots-8
And then there is my tiny forest trail.  I think this was one of my favorite things when I looked at this house.  I need to do some cleaning and clearing here when I get the expanse fully taken care of.
May Shots-9-2The flowers are gone, but its still such a beautiful tree.  And I love the little cupie curl on the top of it!  I will have to take care of that after fall and its bare.
May Shots-10-2Another interesting thing I am noticing here is that it seems plants with different blooming times are all over.  Just when one bloom has ended and tipped its head in a final farewell another one opens up and spreads its petals in celbration.
May Shots-11-2
Need to get some pictures next time round of all the bees that dance around these flowers.  The neighbor was telling me that they had not seen many of them a couple of years ago, but they seem to be coming back in force.  I wonder if that means that the people on this end of the state have paid attention and stopped using the pesticides that are attributed with killing bees.  Would be an interesting thing to look into and see if that is the case.
May Shots-14-2The BACK YARD!!!  Yes it really is that big!!!  Oh, and the prodigal son is coming and I have his practice swords.  I suppose if he promises to play nice, we can try and play with them while he is here.
See?  BIG!!!May Shots-16-2
May Shots-17-2The back gardens from the porch view.
Sooo?  Was it good for you?  Did you bring me a bird?  Well did you at least bring me a squirrel?  One would think that the least I should be able to expect since I am held prisoner in this place is that I can trust that the visitors will at least be considerate enough to bring me an offering after they have flaunted their ability to wander the wilderness that is denied to me.  Okay, well can you at least toss me a treat on your way out?Y’all come back now okay?