It is a sad and bleak day that brings me here to pay my farewells and put to its final rest my companion and helpmate of these many years.
Before you, the greatest have knelt and bowed their heads. In your sharper moments, you showed compassion and dealt your blows with swiftness and mercy. Never did you hesitate to strike with precision those that had been condemned before you. And even in your later years, when age had worn your edges and dulled your gleam, still you did not falter in administering your duty.
A lifetime you have stood at my side. A lifetime I have wrapped my hands about your smooth handle and lifted you above my head. A lifetime you have found your mark to the screams and applause of the crowds. A lifetime of lives sacrificed to your blade. A lifetime till one life too many and the steel cracked and split you, severing you from your handle as surely as you had severed the heads of the lives laid before you.
The time of your kind is done, they say. It is a new age with a new way.
The ceremony is gone and the crowds have been sent home. The condemned now die without fanfare. No screams and cries to send them to their forever land. Tis good that you did not survive to see this day.

My hood and robes packed away. I shall follow you soon enough, my friend. I look for the day that we shall be reunited in the great beyond, your blade forged anew and crowdscheering us again. Till then, rest my friend.
copyright  2009

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