Worst Day

Worst Day

I so glad to be home Teddy!I had the most awfulest day I has ever had!Remember how mommy and daddy had me get all dressed up in them new spiffy clothes they boughted me?I was all happy and cited cuz I thoughted they were going to take me to somewhere fun and special.Well, we got in the car and they put them straps on me so as I wouldn’t fall off the seat, like I really that dumb that I would fall of the seat.Anyway, we starts driving and driving and driving and I looking out the window at everything going past and finding the slug bugs and naner cars and making funny faces and waving at the people when we comes alongside them. And it seems like we were driving for hours and hours.
Then, daddy pulled off the main road and onto this dirt road and we went bumpity bump along it and he kept turning the car this way and that and every time he did I started falling in that direction.Lucky for me I had those straps on or I migha fallen off the seat!And I am looking out the window and there nothing but trees all around us.All the houses is gone.And I am thinking we is lost and start to get scared.What if we can’t find our way back home again?I started to cry a bit but mommy made that shushie noise that makes the tears stop afore they fall out.

After we been driving bumpity bump for a whiles, daddy makes a sharp turn and almost makes me fall out of the straps I pulls so hard.Then we is driving on the grass and there is lots lots of cars parked way out there.There is also this really big tent over past all them cars.I start getting all excited again cuz I start thinking maybe we going to see the circus and all the animals and clowns and magic people.Daddy stops the car by all the other cars and I can’t wait for mommy to let me loose from the straps so I can go see inside that tent!But, when she lets me go, she takes my hand real strong so I can’t get away and makes me stay right next to her.I tried and tried to pull away and then she got mad at me and told me to stay still.Well, I know better than to fuss when she sound like that.If I don’t, I know I could get a whupping and I try not to get those.

After a few minutes, we start walking to the tent, mommy never letting go of my hand and making me stay right next to her.We go inside and it is full of people and it is all a hush and quiet.There is all these fold up chairs all over in rows that people are sitting on and they pull me to a row where there are empty seats and tell me to sit between them.I can tells I had better be real good cuz they put me between them.They only do that so either one can pokes me if I act up.

Pretty soon a whole group of people come in all dressed in pretty dresses, even the men.They all line up at the front of the tent and one of them sits down at the piano and begins to play some music.Then they all start up singing.Its real lively music and all bout Jesus and God and angels and sins and such.Everybody else starts to join in and sing along and stand up and begin to dance as well to the music.Then some of the women begin singing real loud and waving their arms around in the air.The people around them start to move away, and I don’t blame them, I would move away too cuz I would be afraid of getting hit by them.Then it got really strange cuz they started yelling in some other language and I couldn’t understand them.A couple of them started to cry really hard which made me real scared cuz it made me wonder if there were ghosts in here and going to come after me next.Then a couple of them started swaying and fell on the ground and acting like my friend’s dog that ate the rat poison.
I started crying real hard then and told my mommy I wanted to go home.She just put her arm around me and was telling me everything was ok.I was still scared and crying and tried to crawl in her lap to hide my face, but daddy got real angry and told me to sit back down and stop my nonsense.I didn’t understand why it was nonsense to be afraid when people are crying and falling on the ground and making like they are poisoned.But, I quieted myself as best I could and tried to make my mind think of other things like being back home in my bed where it was safe so I could distract myself some.

Then this man walks in dressed in this shiny suit and wearing a big black hat.He walked real slow like up to the front of the tent and tap-tapped on the microphone which made a loud screechy noise after it thump-thumped.Then he started to speak real softly and I could almost not hear what he was saying.I thought maybe they didn’t have that microphone turned up high enough, but then he got louder and louder.He was talking bout God and Jesus and how we was all sinners and should all be ashamed of ourselves and the way we lived.Then he was saying that if we didn’t change our ways, we was going to be thrown into this lake of fire and we would be there forever and ever.I began to cry again and mommy tried to shush me again.I didn’t want to burn up in a lake and be there forever.I couldn’t think of anything I had done that would make me deserve such a punishment, not even when I tied Missy’s braids together or even stealing the piece of candy from the store.And those were the worst things I could remember doing.But, he said we was all going to get thrown there.

And then he started saying we could make it all better by coming up and letting him save us.People started filing out and following him out of the tent to the stream that was just behind the tent.Momma and daddy took my hand and made me follow them out there as well.Then the man walked into the water and started calling for people to come join him in the stream.And that water looked so dirty, I couldn’t believe anyone would go near it.But, they started walking down and right into the water with him.Then he would put his arm around their shoulder and slapped their forehead and pushed them splash under the water and held them there for a bit.When he let them back up, they were sputtering water all over and he told them they were saved and all their sins had been washed away.
I started to realize that mommy and daddy were leading me to the water with them and I started to cry again saying I didn’t want to get pushed down under the water.They knew I didn’t know how to swim and I was afraid of the water.But, they held my hand tight and wouldn’t let me go.I tried really hard to pull my hand away, but they wouldn’t let go and they just ignored me no matter how loud I screamed and cried.

We finally got to the water and they lifted me by my arms between them and walked out till we was in front of that man.He told them to put me down, that the water wasn’t that deep, but it came all the way up to my chest!I was about to run away when daddy gave me one of those looks that meant I wouldn’t be sitting for a very long time if I tried, so I just stood there sobbing.Then the man did to me what he did to all the rest and he pushed my head down under the water and my feet slipped in the mud and I had water in my nose and mouth and eyes and I knew I was going to die and I wasn’t going to be saved like he said I was.I started kicking and slipping around on the mud under me.Then, I felt someone grab my arms and I was pulled up out of the water and saw it was daddy and he held me real tight.He carried me out of the water and set me on the shore and then I had to watch while that man did the same thing to him and mommy.

By the time they were done, I was shivering all over as it was kind of cold outside there.Mommy looked at me and said we had had enough for one day and we should go home.Daddy started to argue and she said no, we was going and that my lips were blue.That made me scared again, thinking maybe I was gonna die after all if my lips were blue.So, we got in the car and started driving back.Then I noticed a black slimy thing on my leg and started crying all over again.Mommy looked at it and made daddy pull over and when she pulled my clothes off, there were lots of them all over me.They began picking these things off me and they left big red marks where they had been and I got even scareder.After they were done, mommy wrapped me in a blanket and put me back in my seat.I think I fell asleep then, cuz I don’t remember nothing else till they put me on my bed and I woke up and saw you!

It really and truly was the worst day of my life Teddy!I’m so glad I am back home with you!

copyright  2009

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