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Camano Island Country Club Art Show

On March 1st of this year, two of my friends and I have been invited to display and sell our artwork at the Country Club on Camano Island. I am both excited and terrified at this. The art will be on display at the Country Club for the entire month of March, after which time a new pair or small group of artists will take over the space. This is such a wonderful opportunity for artists on the island here.

For anyone local that has an interest in attending, the address is:
Camano Island Country Club
1243 Beach Drive
Camano Island, WA 98282

Opening night is March 1st, but the art will be on display and for sale the entire month of March.

Below are some of the paintings I am considering for the show. I need to narrow it down to about a dozen of them.

I have loved art all my life.  However, I spent most of it believing that I didn’t have talent.  My brother was the artist, I was told.  And I believed them. Then I found myself needing to learn basic drafting skills for my job.  I took it further and realized that “I” could draw.  Then a friend gave me a starter set of pastels and there was color!

I have no formal education in art.  I just have a deep love of nature, of beauty and of creating. 

I am mostly a self-taught artist. I have taken some lessons from a few people through the years. People that I am so very grateful for.  They helped me get through a few critical hurdles that allowed me to jump forward and instilled some seeds of confidence. I still take a lot of lessons, via You Tube now and am amassing a nice collection of instruction books.  Such wonderful resources.

As for my mediums, I am enjoying exploring many of them.  I am a photographer and often use my photos for inspiration for my art. I believe at this point, watercolor is my strongest medium.  But, that is because I currently have more experience with it.  I am also trying my hand with acrylics and have recently taken up oils, which I am rapidly falling in love with.  I don’t think I will wind up using a single medium.  They are all so different and each calls to me in a different way.  I feel I shall spend my life following the passions and seductions of each.

I have no idea how far this love affair will take me.  I don’t know if it will line my pockets or not.  I know that it feeds my soul at a level that no other pursuit has.  And that is enough to keep me chasing its songs to the end. 

Oh!  My logo.  Spiders are creators.  They also rebirth themselves, shed their skins and can get into any place they want to (you can’t keep spiders out) But, they are creators.  They are magical.  Just ask Charlotte.  She was one of my favorite stories as a child and is still so as an adult. 

I hope you like the dreams it has brought to my hands so far.