> And at last, one picture of what I am doing in my bedroom. The young lady got me the drapes before I left California and they finally made it up. The very cool lantern in the center was a present from Peggy. I think it rather makes it even more mystical. So now, the […]

> Just thought I would share some of the pumpkins from the pumpkin contest we had at work…… The gourd took first place. Pretty cool, huh? I don’t think I have ever seen anyone carve a gourd before. And it also broke some tension between me and the guy who carved it because I was […]

> So, I have finally gotten my house in enough order to take some pictures of it. Had to move a bit on it since the young lady is bringing me the beast to watch till she gets a place of her own. So, here goes: This is the living room and yes, that is […]