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Flight of the Snow Geese – 2017 Wk 6 – Action/Motion

Weekly Photo Project – Week 06 – Action/Motion
Playing a little catchup on this.
I so love it when nature accommodates. Snow Geeses in Flight – LALALALALA

Frozen In Time – Weekly Photo Project – Week 03 – Wet/Dry

Frozen In Time – Weekly Photo Project –  Week 03 – Wet/Dry
Its such a stunning sight to see a fountain frozen in midstream. Even more when it is as impressive of a fountain as the one at the Tulalip Casino. I figured this covers the week’s theme at just about every angle. Wet and dry, liquid and solid, flowing and stationary. Oh, and crystal clear and cloudy. Oh, and not to mention, Really Purdy!!! Yup! Definitely worth backtracking to get some shots of!

At The River’s Edge – Wk 2 – Symmetry

I pulled down to the side road by the river because I saw the snow buildup on the banks (lingering snow is unusual around here, so I didn’t want to miss it) The sun was setting and there were sheets of ice floating down the river crunching into each other. It was amazing to sit there (Okay, stand. Too cold and wet to sit) and listen to that ice and the singing of the eagles in the trees. The scene gave the “Golden Hour” a whole new level for me that day.

Hiking With Elephants – Wk 1 – Holidays

Had to think about this. I spent my New Year’s on a two hikes in low 30 degree weather. We each have to define what a holiday is. I think walking a beautiful trail and seeing a driftwood elephant in the process (who I have since named Fee Fee, and yes there is more to that one) made it a wonderful holiday. I also saw hawks and herons and eagles and little brown birds playing peekaboo from the bushes. So, this is my first offering for the year.

Sorticulture 2016

Awesome Spiderweb

I must first apologize for the horrible quality of most of the pictures in this post.  I had the camera settings way off and didn't realize it until it was too late.  So the result was that most of the shots ended up in the trash.  And I suppose many of these should as well, but its just too cool of an event not to make a note of it.

This is a spiderweb hanging one of the vendors had.  He also makes those little stick in the ground birds and critters for your yards.  I told the lady running the booth that he really, really needs to do a spider like that.  I would buy one of those!
Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (1 of 41)

Spider Closeup

This is a close up of the spider.  He was just amazing!  If I had $300 to spend on a wall sculpture, I would consider doing so for this one.  Alas, I do not.  So, I will just hope he makes spider yard stakes next year.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (2 of 41)

Funky Bird

Again, sorry for the blurriness of the shot.  *Sigh*  I could shoot myself for that mistake.  But, he's a very cute bird!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (4 of 41)

My Name is Margie-Rosanne-Rosanna-Dana

This is my Artsy Fartsy friend Margie, doing her best Rosanne-Rosanna-Danna imitation!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (6 of 41)

And They Put There Heads On Stakes!

Kind of like a cartoon version of Game of Thrones where they put their heads on spikes, isn't it?Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (8 of 41)

Dragon MacBeth

To Be?  Or Not To Be!

Oh, make him a not to be George!  Then maybe we can get some peace.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (13 of 41)

He's Tailing Me

Follow me kid!  I know the way out of here!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (15 of 41)

Tool Cabin

Now that's my idea of a cool tool crib!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (16 of 41)

Flying Condos

And no garden is complete without Designer Birdhouses!
Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (18 of 41)

Its a Horse's Ass

And even one with a Horse's Ass for those really jerky birds that dive bomb you for the good food to be replaced.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (20 of 41)

The Makings of an Owl

And this was kind of neat.  The guy was working on it just before I got there.  I would have like to have gotten pictures of him actually working, but the person he was talking to seemed like a friend and that they would be talking for quite a while.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (21 of 41)

Owl Drone?

Bawk!  Bawk!  Do the funky Owl!!!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (3 of 41)

Window Shopping

Lots and lots of people, though it got even busier just before we left.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (27 of 41)


I know that face.  Though it is generally peering over the edge of the warm bed.  Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (31 of 41)

Dangly Bits

And I so love the creative re-purposing of things you see at this show.  Teapots and chalices and bowls and any sparkly bits you can find to dangle down.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (24 of 41)

Trucking Along

They went that a-way!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (29 of 41)

Bauble Bits and Green Things

Ornaments on house plants.  How cool is this?Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (25 of 41)

And the Sunlight Pierced Through the Haunted Forest

And thankfully, this one came out beautifully!  At least I think so.  I do love this tree!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (36 of 41)

If the Houses Could Talk!

Nooo!  We won't talk!  What happens in these walls stays in these walls!  Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (30 of 41)

Where's the Doctor??

The Doctor is In!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (38 of 41)


Shiny Baubles . . . Glinting in the air . . . . Shiny Baubles . . . . Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (41 of 41)


Sometimes a photo just needs its own post.  This is one of those times.

Heron Touchdown-1

Eagle Watch – February 2015

Eagle Watching-1People often think I was nuts to move so far from work when I bought my home.  Granted, it is quite a drive.  However, much of it can be very scenic if you get off at the right exit.  And the long drive is worth it when you have young eagles taking their maiden flights over your head as you cruise along a country road.
Eagle Watching-5Probably one of the most difficult things about living out here and watching these young sky sentinels is to try not to be too enraptured by them.  Unless, of course, you pull over and break out the camera to get some pictures of them.  Eagle gazing, I am sure, ranks right up there with texting while driving.
Eagle Watching-8There were a total of 8 of them in the trees over the river when I took these shots.  This one, though, was off away from the others.  I suppose he/she wanted some alone time.  Wasn’t even looking at the river.  Maybe he/she wanted some red meat.
Eagle Watching-9This is the Stillquamish River from the bridge on Pioneer Hwy between Silvana and Stanwood.  We’ve had a lot of rain this year, so its a bit high.  Not as high as a few weeks ago, but still impressive.  Maybe that makes the fishing good and why there are so many eagles camped in the trees along its banks.
Eagle Watching-18Yeah, I know, it looks like the other one, but this is on the other side of the river bank.
Eagle Watching-19And this one “Is” looking at the river for some fresh seafood.  Maybe they are working together for some surf-n-turf.
Eagle Watching-22One of the youngsters is looking out from the branches of a tree.  Its funny how few people see the kiddies.  There was a father and son on the bridge that saw all the adults.  Didn’t see either of the kids in the trees right next to the bridge.
Eagle Watching-32
Even without the white heads and tails, the juveniles are still quite regal and impressive.
Eagle Watching-36And he had absolutely no interest in me at all!  I tried very hard to convince him to take off flying, but he just pretended he didn’t hear anything.
Eagle Watching-38
Actually, that needs to be corrected.  He heard everything except me which just goes to prove that it is not just human youngsters that have selective hearing.
Eagle Watching-45There’s a part of me that wonders if the kids were near the bridge so they could get the easy roadkill lunch from the road.  The grownups wanted the fresh salmon though.
Eagle Watching-46
Just one more shot, because you can just never get enough looking at these beautiful raptors!
Eagle Watching-49Yeah, they had that whole length of the river covered.  You could almost hear them gossiping amongst themselves. “I’m telling you Fred, the one I caught last week was THAT big!!  I kid you not!  We had to leave half of it for the damned crows.  Not that they ever share with us.  Greedy little bastards!”
Eagle Watching-52And every once in a while, one of them strikes a pose and looks for all the world like Elmer Fudd doing Scrooge.
Eagle Watching-56
Eagle Watching-58
Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ comes
Watchin’ the salmon roll in
Then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah
I’m sittin’ on the branch of the bay
Watchin’ the tide roll away, ooo
I’m just sittin’ on the branch of the bay
Wastin’ time
Eagle Watching-61Hey kid?  What say we go down the river a bit and see if the farmer left us some leg of lamb?
Eagle Watching-73
Sure!  There’s too many fishing here to day.  They’re scaring them all away.
Eagle Watching-75And the incoming sea gulls came gliding through the air towards the fields below.
Eagle Watching-78
And with them, came the other little birds, the doves and the blackbirds, the crows and the swifts.  It was gonna be a fun time in the pasture this afternoon.
Eagle Watching-79And they began to find a formation.  All except Henry who never seemed able to get with the teamwork motto and always fell away from the pack.
Eagle Watching-84And you thought they were a pop group!  (Flock of seagulls, if you didn’t get it)
Eagle Watching-85 It seems that they just find the need to all take off every few minutes to a spot about 100 yards in some direction.  Yup, all of them at once.  I think that may be one of those co-dependency things.
Eagle Watching-86We’ll just call it field hopping.  See?  They’re doing it again.
Eagle Watching-88Or it could be a strange mating ritual of showing off their gliding technique.  Not quite as dramatic as a peacock doing the shake your tailfeathers boogie, but I suppose its better than nothing.
Eagle Watching-89But, in truth, its not completely without some Ohh-Ahh! moments.
Eagle Watching-93And the sun begins to set over the bay, so a short stop at the wetlands.  Could build a town with all the driftwood we get!
Eagle Watching-94I do believe that is Rainier off in the distance.  Very impressive considering how far north this is.
Eagle Watching-96I needed a reflections for a photography group.  Nailed it!
Eagle Watching-98Yeah, I live in paradise.  If I believed in heaven, it would be right here.
Eagle Watching-102Yeah, I think its Rainier.  Pretty sure.  Not craggly enough to be Baker.

December Early Musings

December 2014-6
The Seattle area is nothing if not a cloud watcher’s delight.  For many, it’s too gray for them to ever make it a place to call home.  For me, you can keep the eternal sunshine.  We get our doses here.  We have those things called “seasons” that the people in sunny environments don’t understand.We also have interesting old farm buildings out in the country.  Add these with the “weather” and it can be quite beautiful!
December 2014-12Recent studies have shown that the electro-magnetic charge of grains can substantially increase the range of your television antennas.  They also have the added benefit of, when placed in conjunction with lightning rods, provide a data transfer method to your reanimations at the moment of awareness, thereby decreasing the level of hostility that might be encountered when they awaken from their numerous sleeps.
December 2014-15
Luckily, I got out with the camera before the last storm.  The leaves are now all gone from this little tree in my yard.  But, I had one beautiful late fall day that allowed this pre-winter’s nap shot first.
December 2014-20One of the interesting things about some leaves in the fall is they seem to become almost translucent and can be almost light prisms.  Even stripped of color, they glow with the luminescence of whatever light touches on their surface.
December 2014-23Coming home, the colors of the sky insisted I take a slight detour and capture some of their play across the sky.  Peeking through the brush you get your first glimpse of the dying embers of the sun.
December 2014-25If I had only arrive just a few moments sooner.  The colors had already begun to darken and fade by the time I found a place to park and snap the shots.  Not as vibrant as it was a few minutes earlier, but still quite pretty!
 December 2014-27And stripped of color, it takes on one of those haunted looks!
December 2014-28I believe that lil white peak on the left is Mount Baker.  Not quite as prominent as Ranier, but it’s still pretty impressive.  I think it may actually claim more lives annually than Rainier too.  Cuz people like to climb it.
December 2014-33And the swans have arrived.  As part of their all-inclusive resort package, their first stop is the always popular mud baths to restore their complexions and rejuvenate their bodies from the long flight in.
December 2014-37I have no idea why the have attracted the riff raff from the other side of the field.  I suppose they got tired of cow dung and thought swan dung would be an interesting change-up.  Caviar of the air???
December 2014-39They are rather interesting to watch though.  It seems its a mixed array of blackbirds, swallows, cow birds and others.  Which just goes to show that if birds of different feathers can flock together, why can’t we?
December 2014-42And new flights coming in all the time.  Or, are they on their way out?  They do like to field hop, so its hard to tell.
December 2014-46And just in case you are wondering.  No, some of them did not get carried away with the mud baths.  The tawny ones are the young swans.  They go completely white at about a year old.
December 2014-47Yeah!  I’m Bad!  I’m Bad!!
December 2014-48Just stylin’ with my new dress on!!!
December 2014-51And this pair even came with its own escort.  Wonder if they are royalty?
December 2014-54Now this just had to be shared.  It’s a beet!  And this is not a trick of the camera.  It really is that big!  And it wasn’t even the biggest one they had.  And it didn’t lose flavor from being so large.  I got some roast beets out of it and some beet powder.  Gotta love the organic farms up here.  The cabbages are even more impressive!
December 2014-57And the snow arrived!  My fire pit is getting closer and closer to being done!
December 2014-59Love the first snow with tiny icicles!
And another sunset.  Aren’t the clouds amazing???December 2014-64
December 2014-65Its one of those, I don’t care if its out of focus.  It looks cool and you can rub your eyes after and put Visine in them.  But, it’s still cool looking!
December 2014-75A friend asked how you know if they are swans in the sky.  Its easy.  They have the really, really long necks.  You watch them fly and all you can think about is what a neck ache they must have by the time they get to their destination.
December 2014-78I had to make a trip over to the old brokey down house after the snow.  I have no idea how much longer it is going to remain standing.  So, I am going to try to get some shots in different weather conditions before it finally comes crashing down.
December 2014-79And I met the neighbor this time.  He thought I should take his picture too.  Cute little thing, isn’t he?  He just watched while I took my pictures.
I do think it is starting to fall a bit more.December 2014-80
I like this one!!December 2014-81
This one came out pretty cool too, I think.December 2014-82
December 2014-84I will have to some day create a story around this house.
December 2014-86And I saw this as I was turning around to leave.  I had to pull the camera out again and get a shot.  Just took my breath away.
Even without color, its pretty!December 2014-87


Sunflowers in Seattle 08/05/2014

Seattle 08-30-2014-1This is a tree.  Even though the title of the post is Sunflowers in Seattle, it does not begin in Seattle, but on the way there.  This is one of my favorite trees on my island by one of my favorite coffee stands (and not because they give me goodie bags on Saturday, but that does help)  However, does this not look like a lady in this tree?
Seattle 08-30-2014-4Just like a Nile Goddess, I think.  Complete with barbs shooting out at those that displease her!
Seattle 08-30-2014-6Pretty, shiny glass balls floating in a birdbath!  And I only stopped to play with them for a few moments.  Course, that was because I wanted breakfast.  One must have one’s priorities.
Seattle 08-30-2014-11This was really in the restaurant and they really let you put money in to play with it.  The girls in the table next to it had a blast watching me play with it.  I do hope their parents let them have a chance at it as well.
Seattle 08-30-2014-15See?  Sunflower!  Yes, it looks a wee bit sad.  It was growing on the deck above the restaurant.  It was probably sad because people weren’t coming up to admire it.
Seattle 08-30-2014-18And momma sunblossom looked down on her little sunlings trying to think of how to tell them that the sun time was nearing its end and they needed to rise up and dance while they still could.
Keeping a watchful eye on all that pass below.Seattle 08-30-2014-25
Seattle 08-30-2014-27Ooooh, oooh, sunshadow.  Oh wait!  That’s supposed to be moonshadow.  Well, works for suns too.
Seattle 08-30-2014-28Oh, shyness!  Let us see your face!
Seattle 08-30-2014-33Shiny!!!  Blue shiny!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-37And this multi-critter dwelling has many of the sought after amenities such as knothole balcony, stripped bark slide to ground level, climbing branches to upper levels.  No reasonable offer refused.
Seattle 08-30-2014-38See?  Its not all flowers.  Sometimes its trees and leaves.  Look at how shiny the leaves are?  Notice how often that shiny word seems to apply when its not a flower?  I’m sure an analyst could have fun with that one.  But, isn’t the color contrast lovely as well?
Seattle 08-30-2014-50
Seattle 08-30-2014-49Claudia proudly shows off her new perm.  A few good shakes and you are good to go!
Seattle 08-30-2014-54Oh looking down there!  That must be where our petals went Agnes!
Seattle 08-30-2014-55This is what I get for not listening when they told me not to overdo it in the sauna.  I’ll never be able to do a thing with this mop.  What will the girls say?  *Sigh*
Seattle 08-30-2014-59I just got back from the petalcurist and she just got in this awesome new color.  What do you think?  I know.  Shiny!
Seattle 08-30-2014-60I hear they are having tryouts for a remake of Little Shop of Horrors!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-64We’d rather try out for the new Hair.  They’re gonna call it Petal.All together now.  Let the Sun Shine.  Let the Sun Shine In.  The Sun Shine In!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-72Just hide back in the corner there!  We’ll cover you.  No one will ever know you are there.
Seattle 08-30-2014-66Yeah, its that PINK thing again.  Well, I guess it looks okay on the flowers.  Kinda the color of cotton candy.  Hmmm?  Wonder if its edible?
Seattle 08-30-2014-70Come here, my pretty.  Let me get a better look at you!!!

Seattle 08-30-2014-68I’m MEELTTTING!!!!!


Seattle 08-30-2014-77Dewdrops keep falling on my face!
Just like the gal whose feet are too big for her bed
Nothing seems to fit
Oh, dewdrops keep fallin’ on my head
Keep a-fallin’
Seattle 08-30-2014-75‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Fly,
”Tis the prettiest parlour that ever did you spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I have many curious things to show when you are there.’
‘Oh no, no,’ said the little Fly, ‘to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.’
Seattle 08-30-2014-85AHHHH – AHHHH – AHHHHH – CHOOOOO!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-87Don’t let them deceive you.  They are really alien pods that will soon hatch tiny aliens that will make the spiders look like smiling baby bunnies.  The giveaway is the dark beam they are transmitting to the mother ship off to the left.  Its the left pod of darkness and they count on the rumor that people almost never look up.  So, they will never see it.  Even if they do, they won’t figure it out untill its too late.
Seattle 08-30-2014-89The sound of chainsaws could be heard from the street as people passed by the house, shrouded in darkness.  Even the stray cat kept its distance from the ominous porch.
Seattle 08-30-2014-91The task force at the top of the needle responds to the dark pods transmission with one of their own.  The residents have always been oblivious to the real purpose of the iconic spaceship structure on top, believing it to be a product of Disney’s forgotten cousin for the world fair.  He had gone on to work for NASA after his cousin refused him a job and denied the familial ties.  It was a better job anyway.  Plus, his family was guaranteed tickets off the planet in the event of the rumored zombie apocalypse.
Seattle 08-30-2014-92Its really a portal to another dimension. If you look carefully, you can see the darklands beyond the lower branch.
Seattle 08-30-2014-94Shhhh!!!  Mum’s the word!!!
Seattle 08-30-2014-96Someone might want to tell that one that she’s a long way from Texas.
Seattle 08-30-2014-81Ominous looking, isn’t it???
Seattle 08-30-2014-106I don’t know.  Just cuz they were so bright and such a contrast to the background.  That’s why.
Seattle 08-30-2014-109Da-dump-da-dump  Da-dump-da-dump Da-dittly-dattly-dump-da-dump
Seattle 08-30-2014-111Oooh, what’s that???
Seattle 08-30-2014-117Okay, on the count of three, pinch your nose and drop.  1 . . . . . 2 . . . . 3!
Seattle 08-30-2014-119Its so you know which staircase to take to get to that apartment.
Seattle 08-30-2014-120We finally have an update on the ship that was lost 63 years ago.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any life on board.
Seattle 08-30-2014-123This is what happens when the Sirens get bored and get a head start on their winter crafting.


Driftwood Shores – Camano Island 06/18/2014

Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-15My dear friend came out for a visit for a couple of days.  As we had spent the morning having breakfast on the way back from the airport and fussing around at cool little local stores, we finished the day by going for a wander at my beach.  The entire beach seems to be a bleached graveyard for the trees and branches for at least a half dozen states and numerous islands.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-17Okay, so there are a few things that seem to resist the bleaching aspect of the beach, like this manzanita branch.  We were fascinated with the knotted curls along the length like arthritic joints or maybe alien tentacles reaching out from the rocky blanket.  Ooooh, “They Came From Below.”
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-18And they insert their demonic spawn spores into the branches to wait for unsuspecting people to carry them home where they will mature and hatch and then possess the bodies of the people in the house, insert themselves into society and take over the world.  They count on the fact that most people are looking to the skies for potential invasion, so are unsuspecting of what is below their feet.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-12Nature is just amazing in its ability to find a seat for new life in just about any place, on any surface.  Such as a bleached out dead piece of wood that has washed up on the beach.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-6I do so like this house that just sits out all by itself on the bluff.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-2Its almost like a lifeless tree growing out of the pebbled beach on an alien landscape.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-34Quite the little battle of the goldfinches going on over the feeder.  You would think there is more than enough to go around.  It seems greed is not just restricted to humans.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-36It almost seems like it was an orchestrated plan to build such a linear, high tech building next to this particular sand of driftwood.  Though, it seems there is one that is either rearing up in protest or celebration.
bird feeer-1I was very proud of how well this one came out.  I may have to work out the words of these three in their battle of the bulge.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-26Skeletal hands at the bottom of this sculpture beckoning you to look closer.
A weeping figure.  Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-28
Could be a moosehead on the right there.Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-27
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-20
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-35

Just cuz it was a cool little rusted thing.

Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-50

Then we had the clouds at the house when we got back.  We considered calling SETI or NASA, but opted to just watch it.

Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-49

Painted skies in in the evening and morning are common.  One would think they would cease to have the effect of taking your breath away after seeing them so often, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

BIRD DIVE!!!!Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-44
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-55

I’m pretty sure they were in a movie I saw.  War of the Worlds maybe??