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Woodland Zoo With My Son – 5/29/2014


Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-9What better way to spend the last day you have with your son than to go to the zoo?  It so does my soul good to learn that once again my influence shows in my son and he also still enjoys a trip to the zoo as much as his mother.  Or maybe its that he just likes the entertainment of watching his mother regress to the level of a 6 year old.  I’m trying to remember what this bird it.  I believe its a magpie.  At any rate, he was our first stop in the gates
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-21It seems the rest of the clan forgot to wake papa up from his long winter’s nap.
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-23 Yup!  He’s out good.  Then again, maybe he went to the Country Bear Jamboree last night and is sleeping off the cider.  It did have a bit of a “bite” to it.
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-29Oooh, lookie!  What’s that down there?  Looks like it could be rather tasty.  I think I shall investigate.
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-32Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.  Note to self:  Next time, wait till the bipedal captor brings food.  It may be rather bland, but it doesn’t bite back!
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-34While raptor mom looks for her cue on beginning the lecture, her partner begins group hypnosis to plant suggestion in audiences minds to buy many stuffed replicas of himself on the way out.
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-37Yes, its a raptor show, but a pretty flower needs to be immortalized.
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-43Correction, flowers – plural!
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-44 Yeah, yeah, none of you will ever catch me, cuz I’m Super Chicken!!!What?  Her?  She’s just my personal assistant, kind of the chicken version of the popemobile, but with legs.
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-59Yeah?  And your mamma eats worms!  I got the squirrel!  I am the king!
 SSWoodland Zoo 05-26-2014-65WHOOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH!!!!
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-77Is he a bird?
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-78Is he a plane?
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-95No!  He’s vulture man!  Hey!  Who you calling a turkey?
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-114Kawabunga!!!!  Yippee Kai Aiiiii . . . . oooh, can’t say the rest or they’ll have to change the ratings here.
Hmmmm?  A tree.  With a bag?   Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-117
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-127 Oh lookie!  Its a lunch bag.  For a giraffe!
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-133 Nothing like getting photo-bombed by the kid!”Hi Mom!  Whatcha got there?”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-139“Mom! Mom! Mom!  Whatcha doing?  Huh mom?””Mumble, mumble.  Damn kids, can’t ever get even a moments peace.”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-140“Ooooh, lookie!  Squirrel!”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-141“Be right back.””Nom, nom, nom.  Huh?  Did you say something?  Nom, nom.”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-145“Don’t wander too far away and stay away from those ostriches!  Remember what happened the last time!”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-150“Oooh lookie George, That young giraffe is heading our way.  Looks like we can have some fun today after all!  You take the left flank and I’ll take the right.  He falls for it every time.”
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-153Ayup!  They’re at it agin.  Damned ostriches, never can trust them!  I’m just gonna sit right here and pretend I don’t know what is going on.  I been caught in the crossfire of their pranks before.  Ayup, I know where its safe.
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-160“Oh wow!  How did you get down there?  Do you need help?  My name’s Dimberdot.  What’s your’s?”
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-161“Oh yeah!  Love them pink tail feathers!  Let me just slide on over your way, babeeeeee!”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-162“Looking Good!!!  Ah yes, how I love the Flamingo Pool!  They have so much more style than the other drab birds!”
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-170I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity Any girl who isn’t me tonight.I feel charming, Oh, so charming It’s alarming how charming I feel! And so pretty That I hardly can believe I’m real.
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-172 I’m too sexy for my flock! Too sexy for my walk! I’m a model you know what I mean And I do my little turn on the catwalk Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk, yeah I do my little turn on the catwalk Yeah, I’m too sexy!
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-175Oooh, wow!  Bird!See George!  I told you not to give him that extra brownie!  He’ll be tripping the rest of the day.
 Your dad plays with cheetos!Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-179Yeah?  Well, your mama was a swan!Yeah?  Well even a crow wouldn’t steal one of your eggs!I don’t lay eggs.  I’m a male, you moron!
 More pretty flowers!  Hot . . . steamy . . . flowers.Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-189
 Look!  They even come with their own umbrellas!Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-190
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-193Hmmm, I would have to change the rating if I made a comment that goes along with this one.
 They look hungry, don’t they?Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-199
 Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re hungry!Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-202
 Yup, we are back at the little shop of horrors!Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-208
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-214But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?It is the East, and Juliet is the sunArise, fair sun and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief
 Damn!  There he goes again. Blah! Blah! Blah!Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-219
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-226Ohhh, my aching head!!  Make it stop!
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-239Let’s see, if I turn this one, the red ones will be lined up, but it will also mess up the blue ones.  I’m never going to get this thing figured out!
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-243I wanna hold your fooooot!  I wanna hold your foot!
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-247
 Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-254And there the favorite son is again, trying so hard to look just soo men in black cool!
Woodland Zoo 05-26-2014-256Yeah, till that moment when the carousel starts up and he feels the horse rise up underneath him and he becomes my little boy again.  Yes, live is indeed most excellent!


April Island Shots

 April 2014 Camano Island-15
When driving along the freeway, what to my wandering eyes should appear but a yard of rusty trucks and cars and trailers and such.  This little beauty here, well, it used to be a rum runner taking the back roads from the wharves to the seamstress’ quarters in the university.
April 2014 Camano Island-16
All you need is close your eyes for a moment and think of the Speakeasy, flappers, gangsters (the real ones with the Tommy guns and Zoot suits and fedoras with yet more flapper girls hanging off their arms) then open your eyes.  Or, maybe little Dorothy Parker would have liked to drive around in this looking for the latest poetic inspiration.
April 2014 Camano Island-17Want to protect your interest in these pristine relics?  Have no fear!  There is a squad of ancient warrior trees that will watch over them for a nominal fee.  Don’t let the rumors about the blood sacrifice deter you.  It really doesn’t need to be a friend or family member.  Then again, that may just be the answer to one of those prayers you are afraid to voice.  And not to worry these talented trees show their appreciation by absorbing all of the offering, leaving no trace that could ever point back to you!
 April 2014 Camano Island-20
You know?  I could be Bonnie and Clyde’s car.  But, it isn’t because its lacking that unique embellishment of all those bullet holes.  Of course, it could be their spare car!
 April 2014 Camano Island-22And here we have one of those lovely guardian trees showing its appreciation for an offering it received by doing the solar dance of freedom.  The supplicants are hiding in the little shack, as it has been rumored that these dances can bring about the dropping and flinging of branches and pine cones of most unusual size.  Injuries and death have been known to result to unprotected supplicants and it has been proposed that there might be an intentional component in this as it would provide additional sacrifices to these ravenous creatures.
 April 2014 Camano Island-24And as I drive onto the island, I take a turn on one of the side streets that I have been eyeballing for quite some time.  It was a beautiful long stretch of road that ended at the coastline on the other side.  I’ll save that area for another day.  But, I had to stop for the clouds.  And this one just looked like a storm God baring in for an assault on the ground below!!
 April 2014 Camano Island-25Or maybe its a momma cloud Goddess chasing after its runaway offspring.  Poor little thing!  Oh Wait!  No!  Its dancing and chanting, “naner, naner, naner!  Can’t catch me!”  Ah, but we all know that mom will win this battle.  And that light misty rain that followed?  The little one with the paddled bottom!
 April 2014 Camano Island-29
Just looks more ominous with the hues changed, don’t you think?  You almost expect a tornado to rear its body off in the distance!
April 2014 Camano Island-34
Okay, all I have to say here is:  Breathtaking, isn’t it?
April 2014 Camano Island-37
I was seriously considering going over and knocking on their door to see if they would give me the ritual they used to summon their own cloud above them.
 April 2014 Camano Island-39Ah yes, and we step again into that wayback machine to a simpler time, a time of Laura Ingalls and John Wayne and no electricity and not internet . . . . Yeah, maybe not.
 I do love the broken down, dilapidated structures!!!April 2014 Camano Island-43
 April 2014 Camano Island-45Looks like they have more than plenty of room for guest here.  And don’t have to worry about them being underfoot!  And its nice there are windows so they can look out, or be watched!
 April 2014 Camano Island-47
And right close to the barn too!  They won’t have far to walk to milk those cows on the way in for breakfast,
 April 2014 Camano Island-51
And one of my favorite trees on the island.  Yes, you know its Spring as its getting in is lovely foliage!
 April 2014 Camano Island-52And this was the last picture I got before my beloved camera got sick.  Its now at the camera hospital and though I do have the point and shoot to keep me somewhat occupied, life will not be the same till my baby comes home.
Oh, and do note that I am now adding a slide show at the bottom of the posts where you can look at all the pictures, some of which are not shown above.  Feel free to leave comments and there is a subscribe button if you want to see new posts as I write them.  Thank you for stopping by!


Seattle Japanese Garden 06/07/2013

Japanese Garden20130607_0003 I went with a new friend to wander the Japanese Gardens which is located in the Arboretum there.  To be honest, I thought we were going to the Kuboto Gardens, but I learned that is a different Japanese Garden in the Seattle ares, so it will have to be another trip at another time.
Japanese Garden20130607_0004Just past the entrance we were greeted with stunning maples 
extending out their crooked branches and fiery leaves like fingers reaching to touch and brush your skin as you pass.
Japanese Garden20130607_0008Snowy white Irises with a feather brush of purple dotted the edge of the walkways and along the ponds rim.
Japanese Garden20130607_0011A small stream trickled of to the left, its sound striking within to create the sense of peace to carry you through the rest of your tour.
Japanese Garden20130607_0012
Japanese Garden20130607_0014
Japanese Garden20130607_0026
Japanese Garden20130607_0033
Japanese Garden20130607_0039
Japanese Garden20130607_0041
Japanese Garden20130607_0052
Japanese Garden20130607_0061
Japanese Garden20130607_0062
Japanese Garden20130607_0064
Japanese Garden20130607_0066
Japanese Garden20130607_0077
Japanese Garden20130607_0079
Japanese Garden20130607_0080
Japanese Garden20130607_0077
Japanese Garden20130607_0102
Japanese Garden20130607_0095
Japanese Garden20130607_0099
Japanese Garden20130607_0099
Japanese Garden20130607_0150
Japanese Garden20130607_0162
Japanese Garden20130607_0172
Japanese Garden20130607_0181

Autumn 2008

This is the sky outside my apartment today!!! Life is beautiful!!!

And for those of you who may not know what Autumn really looks like, check out the colors of my trees! The orange one on the left went from green to this luminous orange in a matter of a couple of days and the one on the right is turning almost a blood red.

>This is the sky outside my apartment today!!! Life is beautiful!!!

And for those of you who may not know what Autumn really looks like, check out the colors of my trees! The orange one on the left went from green to this luminous orange in a matter of a couple of days and the one on the right is turning almost a blood red.


And these are some of the skylines from my patio. Just in case there is any question why I love it up here.

These are pictures of the sky from the ferry on the trip we made to Whitby Island.

Ok, so I have often been accused of being delusional or taking my own private trips, but I swear there is a peace sign in the clouds.

Just never remember seeing clouds like this when I was down south.

And a pretty Thistle plant