The dress spoke for her

(100 Word Flash Fiction)

The Dress Spoke For Her

It hung in the corner. A gift. A dress of dreams. Dress enough to give her confidence and courage. So, she hoped. She slid it on, it flowed down the length of her body, slipping around every contour. This would work.

Slowly she strode across the stage. The sea of eyes looked back at her. Her tongue caught.  The words were gone. The room grew restless.

Then the words began. To flow. They were enraptured. Under a spell. Under her command. To rule. And yet, she had not uttered a single word.

The Dress Spoke For Her . . . . .

Slowly she strode across the stage. The sea of eyes looked back at her. Her tongue caught.  The words were gone. The room grew restless.

Then the words began. To flow. They were enraptured. Under a spell. Under her command. To rule. And yet, she had not uttered a single word.

The Dress Spoke For Her . . . . .

Before Alice

It was quite a warm day for so early in the year.  Extra care needed to be taken as the eggs were hidden so they were not in the direct heat of the sun where they might spoil before being found and turning the festivities into a tragedy.

I sat fanning myself under one of the brightly colored umbrellas and sipping slowly on an ice cold julip while watching the mass scatterings of small people rushing about on the lawn and through the bushes, gaskets waving from their little arms, voices rising in squeals of laughter and colliding words that could make jibberish make sense.  I half expected to see a white rabbit emerge at any moment, pocket watch in hand exclaiming fear of tardiness for a royal event.

Instead, my eyes spied a lone figure emerge from a near bush.  She looked to be about 6 or 7, but what struck me was her clothing.  For she looked to be dressed out of a Dickenson play.  She could easily have been one of Oliver’s gang, if he allowed girls.

She walked right up to me and took the seat across. “What’s that you’re drinking sir?” she asked.

“It’s a mint julip.  Would you like one”

“Oh, no thank you.  But is there any chance there is any ice cream?”

I reached over to the cooler and pulled a small container out with a little wooden spoon and pushed it across the table to her. “There is only vanilla left.  I hope that is okay.”

“My very favorite!” she exclaimed, reaching quick and had the lid off and the entire container consumed in no time.  “Thank you, kind sir. I was so very hungry.”

“There is more food over there.” I pointed to the barbeque area.

“That’s okay.  I only come for the ice cream.”

“Only the ice cream?”

Yes sir. Twas the last thing I ate and the only thing I hunger for.”

“What do you mean, the last thing you ate?” confusion overtaking me.

“Why yes sir. Afore I did battle with the Jabberwocky and lost” she ran her fingers around the inside of the container then pushed it back my way and stood up.  “I suppose I should get back now.  They shall be expecting me.”

“But wait!” I called, but she was already entering the bush.

She turned just before, entering and smiled. “It’s fine sir.  Alice will be next and I hear she is a much better warrior than I>”

Her form turned to mist as the leaves closed behind her.

But wait. Alice wasn’t the first?

Copyright – Sephi PiderWitch March 31, 2019

(Prompt:  A hungry ghost, a holiday, ice cream)

The Widow and the tree – book review

The Widow and the Tree by Sonny Brewer

What an amazing read! It reads like a dream and a myth and a step back in time. It’s a book about a beautiful widow, a 500 year old tree, a black panther that shouldn’t exist in that place and time, a crow who picked up a button and a veteran with a past to it all. Then one day, the widow walks into a biker bar to hire someone to cut down the 500 year old Ghosthead oak. It’s a beautiful, sad, lyrical story that you want to take your time with and breathe in each word and sit down at the base of the old oak or lay down on one of its great branches.

I read some of the other reviews on this book. I can only imagine that they cannot appreciate it because it is a different kind of story that a bestseller full of murder and action. It’s not a story to keep you on the edge of your seat and make your blood pressure rise a few points. It’s a story like a piece of fine dark chocolate and a fine wine that are meant to be slowly savored. In my humble opinion, it’s a masterpiece of writing. I will be looking for more of his books.

Sun Gazer – New Acrylic Painting

Sun Gazer – 8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas – 03/10/2019

Camano Island Country Club Art Show

On March 1st of this year, two of my friends and I have been invited to display and sell our artwork at the Country Club on Camano Island. I am both excited and terrified at this. The art will be on display at the Country Club for the entire month of March, after which time a new pair or small group of artists will take over the space. This is such a wonderful opportunity for artists on the island here.

For anyone local that has an interest in attending, the address is:
Camano Island Country Club
1243 Beach Drive
Camano Island, WA 98282

Opening night is March 1st, but the art will be on display and for sale the entire month of March.

Below are some of the paintings I am considering for the show. I need to narrow it down to about a dozen of them.

I have loved art all my life.  However, I spent most of it believing that I didn’t have talent.  My brother was the artist, I was told.  And I believed them. Then I found myself needing to learn basic drafting skills for my job.  I took it further and realized that “I” could draw.  Then a friend gave me a starter set of pastels and there was color!

I have no formal education in art.  I just have a deep love of nature, of beauty and of creating. 

I am mostly a self-taught artist. I have taken some lessons from a few people through the years. People that I am so very grateful for.  They helped me get through a few critical hurdles that allowed me to jump forward and instilled some seeds of confidence. I still take a lot of lessons, via You Tube now and am amassing a nice collection of instruction books.  Such wonderful resources.

As for my mediums, I am enjoying exploring many of them.  I am a photographer and often use my photos for inspiration for my art. I believe at this point, watercolor is my strongest medium.  But, that is because I currently have more experience with it.  I am also trying my hand with acrylics and have recently taken up oils, which I am rapidly falling in love with.  I don’t think I will wind up using a single medium.  They are all so different and each calls to me in a different way.  I feel I shall spend my life following the passions and seductions of each.

I have no idea how far this love affair will take me.  I don’t know if it will line my pockets or not.  I know that it feeds my soul at a level that no other pursuit has.  And that is enough to keep me chasing its songs to the end. 

Oh!  My logo.  Spiders are creators.  They also rebirth themselves, shed their skins and can get into any place they want to (you can’t keep spiders out) But, they are creators.  They are magical.  Just ask Charlotte.  She was one of my favorite stories as a child and is still so as an adult. 

I hope you like the dreams it has brought to my hands so far.

Greetings and Farewells

2018 is at an end and 2019 is just around the corner. I cannot say that I am sorry to see 2018 go. It was a rough year, to say the least. Rough on so very many levels.

I lost one of my dearest friends. She left me suddenly in May. I knew that my time with her was limited, but I did think there was more time than we had. I lost her without the ability to say goodbye. Either at the time or after. The pain amplified by her family showing disrespect for who she truly was, even in death. So, I hold the memory of what and who she was in my heart. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She was my friend. She was a sister to me. We went to animated movies together. We inspired each other. We were there for each other. She was wickedly funny and brilliant and amazing. And alas, she left the world before she could finish her wonderfully wicked book. The world is dimmer without her presence. She will be missed by me. I realize that she will be missed by many, But she is so very deeply missed by me.

In addition, I lost my former boss of 9 years shortly before Christmas. Though things were strained at the end of my employment, as they often are when a company is ending its time. He was my friend as well as my boss. There were so many times he would pull up a chair with me and we would talk about just about everything from politics, to religion to current events. He was an engaging conversationalist and listened to opinions that were diverse from his. He was like family to me. He was like family to many of his employees. I shall miss him greatly. Though I think the thing I shall mist the most was his laughter. He was one of those who had a full body laugh that he meant with his whole being.

I lost another friend. Not through death. But because she decided I was too much trouble for her to be friends with after decades. I failed to consult the Amy Vanderbilt Book of Etiquette on choosing the socially appropriate wording in my comments. Seems she forgot that the only use I have ever found for Amy or any other book of social graces was for starting bonfires. I’m as blunt as a baseball bat or a Jewish mother. And that is a comparison of the highest regard in my opinion. We are not the gentle caregivers. We tell you what you need and if you are able to give it to yourself and choose not to, we will straddle your ass and pour it down your throat. Ah well, its the third time she has thrown our friendship in the trash. I think I shall let the third time be the charm. I got the hint. Time to move on and find a new tribe.

Life has thrown me many curve balls the last couple of years. And I have let it get to me and hold me down in more ways that I should. I need to work on that. I need to also remember that even with all the pain that has happened, there has been much good. My daughter now has a degree. She is going after another one. She has grown into an amazing young woman. My son has grown into an amazing man. I’ve paid off most of my debt. I’ll probably need a new car sometime in the future. But, I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

I have a community of art friends that is building. Beautiful, wonderful friends that love me in all our differences. That support me in my dreams and fantasies as I support them in theirs. I’ll keep looking for more. Its never too late to build on an existing or new community. I’ll talk to strangers and maybe some of them will even smile at me and talk back. I’ll look for people that wand to play and live and enjoy. To find people that want to find the treasures that are hiding in the forgotten places and pull them back into the light. To remake the world, one piece at a time. Or at least to decorate it in all the colors we can summon from our palettes. And add shiny sparklies as the mood inspires us.

So, my goals for 2019 are to try an live more fully. To find more people to connect with. To engage in more lively conversations. To make more art.

The world is a mess right now. I suppose it always has been, in different ways in different times. I will always care about what goes on in the world. But, I also think that the best thing “I” can do to truly and really fight what goes on out there is to live my life to the fullest in spite of it. To create beauty amidst the ugliness. To find conversations with strangers whose opinions may or may not agree with mine. To not make hard promises that I know that I won’t keep. I know that I really suck at that self discipline thing.

I make no promises. I make no resolutions. Some days I will fall short and fail. Some days I will rise and succeed. And I shall hope that I will find the paths to make the days of art and joy and magic overtake the days of shadow. I accept I am a work in progress. Though I have a feeling the end result is going to be a rather strange abstract.

“Ghost Heron” – Miniature Acrylic Painting

“Ghost Heron” – Miniature Acrylic Painting

“The Forest Through The Trees” – Acrylic

“The Forest Through The Trees” – Acrylic

Poppy – Watercolor

Poppy – Watercolor

Night Watchman – Watercolor

Night Watchman – Watercolor


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