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Spring Break 2020 – Day 28

The latest lessons with my software lessons. The changes are a bit stark that I am doing so I have a good reference on what they do when I am working with them in the future. I do like what the results were in the flower though.

My project today was to clear 1 garden area to plant some of the irises in I had brought from a friend’s house yesterday. I wound up clearing four areas. Not looking forward to how my shoulders are going to feel tomorrow, but am looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom.

Plants in the ground, all tucked in and ready to shoot into life. We have no idea what color any of these are going to be. So, it will be like Nature’s present as they bloom and unwrap.

And the other areas that were planted before are coming along just fine. I even have some tulips about to burst forth that got planted last year. It will be nice to have colors in my yard again. I let it go for far too long. I forgot how much I love working in the garden.

And the highlight is the tulip about to burst forth next to my Dancers to the End of Love sculpture. I think it is and may always be one of my favorite pieces of art I have.

Spring Break 2020 – Day 24

I didn’t get a post done yesterday, so I shall catch up with a double day entry. I made a double batch of Vile Brew yesterday. You know the horseradish is good when your eyes are watering and the inside of your nose feels like you inhaled fire. The house still reeks of it today. Yummm! I think I found another name for it that I may start labelling it with. HellFire Brew!

Made the mistake of walking out the door before breakfast this morning and my stellars started screaming at me. So, I had to turn around and go back in to get them their peanuts. Didn’t think to grab the camera, but I do need to do that in the next few days. They so love their treats!

God some more work done on the garden today. I started moving the border out to make it bigger and dropped in the plants I got from the nursery yesterday. 6 of them came from the sad plant rack. One of my favorite places to get plants. I rarely lose one of them. And these all looked like they had enough life that they will save. I still have two more plants to get in the ground, which I will do in the next few days.

I also put a few herbs in planters out front. I got hover-buzzed by one of the male Anna’s because I was in the way of his feeder. What is it with the ungrateful birds today? Yelling at me and buzzing me. Plllttthhhzzz!

And the editor says it is time to go for now as she needs to be brushed and petted. So, till the next time!

Marching in the Garden and Jumping in Puddles

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-1
Hellebore Okay, this is odd, I had already written things in the first two panel of this.  So, I appears that the word gremlins got hungry and decided to feast on my commentaries.

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-3
Hellebore Flowers
Garden March 2016 Lo Res-4
I really do need to figure out what these little flowers are.  If what a google search is correct, it appears they are forget-me-nots.  Not totally sure its correct, but I’m going with it.
Pretty little things, aren’t they?Garden March 2016 Lo Res-5

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-6
A missed hydrangea from the pruning

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-7
My white Weeping Cherry Tree

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-9
White Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-10
Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-11
Cherry Blossoms 3

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-12
Cherry Blossoms 4 Sepia

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-13
Cherry Blossoms 6

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-14
Cherry Blossoms 7

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-15
Cherry Blossoms 8

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-16
Little White Cherry Blossom Tree
I just love the cascades of flowers.Garden March 2016 Lo Res-18
Garden March 2016 Lo Res-19

And this was taken under the tree looking out.  I think I need to put a little seat here.  Even if it is just for the blooming time.  But, even the leaves are pretty.

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-20

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-21
Lovely Lavender Primroses

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-22
Lavender Primroses

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-24

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-28
Oregon Grape Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-26
Oregon Grape Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-31
Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-29
Interesting dead plant

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-32
More Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-33
One of the first pink cherry blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-34
Pink Cherry Blosoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-35
Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-36
Cherry Blossoms with a fade filter

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-37
Yesteryear filter applied

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-38
And Cherry Blossoms in Sepia