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Shattered by Kevin Hearne

ShatteredI really did intend to write reviews on the previous installments of the Iron Druid Chronicles.  I just wasn’t doing quite as well at keeping up with reviewing the books when I read/listened to the previous ones.

I was introduced to the Iron Druid chronicles last year when I got the initial books in audiobook form.  I have since gone through all of the installments in audio form.  I think it is because of the wonderful voices Luke Daniels does for the books.  In truth, I have become very much addicted to this series.

Shattered continues the series by introducing us to the newest character, Owen Kennedy, who is Atticus’ Arch Druid.  Owen is rapidly fallen into a second place of favorite characters, next to Oberon, Atticus’ charminng wolfhound.  Atticus has plucked Owen from an island where he has been in a kind of frozen state of time where he has been for the past 2000 years.  He was placed there by Morrigan to deliver a message when he was retrieved.

Owen is brash, rough and totally out of place in this new time he is in.  And Atticus is very much enjoying the role reversal of him now being the mentor/guardian of what was his dreaded teacher and only father figure he could remember.  The interplay between them is charming and hilarious, including the unnecessary saving of Owen from the street fight with the werewolf he left him with to get identity papers from, where Atticus had to apologize for all for his unwelcome interference in just plain fun.

The plot is continued in this installment with the mingling of all the gods of the Greeks and Celts, and a whole host of corresponding pantheons.  Throw the werewolves, which are his legal service, vampires that used to be part of the same till their falling out and are now on the official hit list and the witches, some of which are grudgingly tolerated.

Its just a plain rollicking good time in the pages of a book.  I would recommend it to anyone that likes a finely told yarn as it has all the required elements, drama, humor, history lessons, a charming love story with an unconventional female heroin who is nicknamed “fierce druid” by the elementals and “clever girl” by Oberon.  On and has the requisite fight scenes complete with death Goddesses to claim the souls of the dead at the end.  How much more can you ask from entertainment.

I will, as I have felt belonged to every one of his previous books give Kevin 5 stars on Shattered.  My only grievance with him is that he has left a wide open portal for the next installment and then sent out a blog post saying that he is working on an “epic” that will come before he intends to begin on the 8th installment of the chronicles.  So, it looks like we will be waiting quite some time to see what will become of these characters that have become so endeared to many of us.