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spring break 2020 – day 22

Worked with the perfect mask tool today. Got all the way through the lesson and then realized I had done something dumb because when I pushed the “finish” on it, it went black. So, I stormed off in a huff, stamped my foot a couple of times and then realized that really hurts! When I returned from my walk, I tried it again and got it right. Okay, the masking needs some work and it could be this was the wrong technique for trees like are in the picture. But, I got the principle and learned a lot.

It does make it easier to get yourself out for walks when you have views like this!

The first flowers of Spring are out. It took a great deal of self restraint. Yes, I do possess some of that. Not much, but a little. But, I didn’t set the fairies free from that one. Tis fine. There was a breeze this afternoon and I have confidence that they were freed by the kiss of the winds.

This is my neighbor’s dog. She doesn’t think her dog photographs well. I completely disagree. Don’t you? On my way back, we ganged up on her husband about the joys of misbehaving. I don’t think he realized what a bad influence he had living so close. hehehehe

The end of the day was finishing up restringing these. One was sent to me for restringing, but when I pulled mine out to use as a reference, I noticed it had a break as well. So, I had to do both of them. Luckily, I had 2 cords and didn’t lose one in the process. I have a few friends out there that know what these truly are and what it takes to make one, Each is unique to the person it is for. And there are only a handful of them. But, I don’t think I have ever shared pics of these two.

That about covers today, other than I am still waiting to get approved for unemployment. I have my stock partially chopped for a new batch of “Vile Brew”, but I need to go into town for a few more ingredients. The local herb store can’t let me inside, but she is putting my order together and will place it outside the door when I tell her I am on my way and she has an honor box for the cost. I so love living somewhere that there are such things as honor boxes!

Till tomorrow.

Spring break 2020 – day 20

I actually started the day organizing the smaller spice cupboard, but I seem to have accidentally deleted the picture from it. In lieu of the missing picture, I have substituted my favorite stump just past the end of the street. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

I went through a couple lessons on my photo software (didn’t use the cool effects on these. Will get to those on another day) Then I went for a neighborhood walk. The cherry trees are in bloom. And luckily, I don’t have to go into Seattle to see them. We have plenty of them around here! Pretty, aren’t they?

There are also a couple of people who have been going for walks. The lady carries a walking stick with a net bag of big jingle bells. She wants to get the people in the neighborhood to join her and this is her way of retaliating because she was told we won’t post it on the website. She complained about it to me today, telling me that the secretary turned her down. Told her I knew that. I told her that if she said yes, I still say no and I am the one that takes care of the site. She wanted to know why. I told her because it was stupid and I have already lost access to the parks, I wasn’t going to let her cost me my neighborhood walk. I’m thinking she doesn’t much like me anymore. 🙂

The robins are out foraging. People are digging for gardens, grubs are easing pickings. And look! One of my neighbors down the street has a bat house. I am soooo jealous!

Oh, the lady in the above paragraph was complaining about one of the neighbors up in the area from these pictures. Seems they told her it was a private road and they shouldn’t be up there. Funny, they never complain to me. Many of them come out to visit, from a distance. And the guy with the bat house asked me to tell him when I get my own up.

And I live for the views along the walk!

This is the lodge at the end of the road. It’s called the Rainbow Lodge. Truly, that is its name. Their website says you have to book the whole lodge and its for spiritual retreats.

And this is my favorite tree on the walk. Cool tree, huh?

Mustn’t touch! Stinging nettle. I am a bit sensitive to these plants. Touched one with my thumb and felt like I had a blister on it for 3 days.

Just a weed, but isn’t it cool the way they wrapped around each other? It must be love and they are certainly not observing the 6 ft. rule.

More views. Pretty up here, isn’t it?

A Pacman cloud! How cool is this?

And now we are back to the homestead. And the flowers that are blooming here. As you can see, I also have a cherry in bloom. It’s only a mock cherry tree. They castrated it or something. I have two of them. One white and one pink. They bloom, but no cherries.

And the garden that is my main project for this year. There is still a lot of cleaning to do in it. Unfortunately, I am waiting to see what comes up first. I forgot where I planted things last year. There wasn’t much, but a few things. And there is my wonderful garden dancers sculpture! And yes, they are anatomically correct.

And the amazing dandelion root I pulled up. I am quite impressed!!

And when it is time, this it what it looks like inside of my bed. I thought that scarves would be much more interesting than blackout curtains and I can still have my windows open to hear the birds outside.

Well, Cassiekins is hiding somewhere so she gets to miss out on this one. She’s probably in the bedroom since I turned on the mattress warmer and lights. She wants her bedtime treats.

Till tomorrow!