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Deception Pass 05/24/2014

Deception Pass 05-24-2014-1Its like a house of mirrors that just seems to go on and on and on and on.  Welcome to Deception Pass.  And one of a set of bridges that gets you across it.  We didn’t get here quite as early as I had hoped we would.  First thing in the morning is one of the most magical times to see the pass as the morning mists hang over the water and hills.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-4
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-7Holy Bat Monsters Robin!  That’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen!  Doesn’t this thing go any faster?  I think he’s gaining on us.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-8Have crack or crevice, will grow.  Stony mountainside?  Not a problem.  If there’s the tiniest fissure, green will happen.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-9Tiny lichens hanging on the branch.  Tiny lichens grabbing any line to cling to.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-12And when you find that the forest floor is too populated for your liking, you can always take root on the side of the trail.  The added benefit of this is to create worry of crushing by the hikers that walk alongside.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-20For those that need to know if they really want to take on a hike of a certain magnitude.  One is, after all, a daunting .7 miles distance.  Of course, what they don’t tell you on these signs is the elevation gain and drop on any of these.  So, the .1 mile could potentially be .1 of cliff climbing.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-26Can’t you just close your eyes and imagine those roots reaching up and wrapping around your ankles to drag you screaming into a gaping maw of earth before closing in over your head??
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-30It just looks more ancient when you strip the colors, doesn’t it?
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-32There really, really needs to be a swing from the center of this!!!  That would be an E-Ticket ride if ever there was one!!!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-41And it looks much the same after a trip backward in time.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-47And way off in the distance, you can see the prodigal son.  Looks like he is trying to figure out some fancy setting on his camera to show his mother up.  But, he is missing the gaping maw before me, which no fancy setting is a match for!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-52And there is even a treasure hidden deep in its depths.  They may look like simple beach stones to the average person, but they are really coins dating back to the caveman days and still used by our local Sasquatch communities.  They have found that the exchange value isn’t quite as good as they like when trading with the locals though.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-55Bout all you can say about this little plant is Oooooh, Ahhhh!!!  Pretty!!!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-57One more time – Ooooh!!!  Ahhhhh!!!  Pretty!!!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-60Filters are fun to play with!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-63They’re even pretty in shades of gray!  Ooooh!  Ahhh!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-67Gotta love those determined cliff clinging trees!  Its nature’s way of showing off and letting you know She can put her trees anywhere and they will be fine.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-69As it rises from beneath the rocky shores of the island, reaching out its green mandibles for unsuspecting bare toe blood sport!
He’s just a shell of his former self.Deception Pass 05-24-2014-72
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-76Okay, now if this doesn’t look like something from a scene in Dune, I don’t know what does.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-82For those who are wondering where it is the flower fairies hide when the humans are around, they have these little clifftop retreats.  This also explains the tiny acorns that get dropped on your head even though there is no wind nor oak trees around.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-85What luck!  It seems we have the fortune of being witnesses to the ever elusive dance of the wood nymph!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-91And they are known for dancing to full exhaustion.
Cute little guy, isn’t he?Deception Pass 05-24-2014-97
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-99And the nurse tree that had the boy so fascinated.  Next time, I’ll have to take him to one of the old growth trails.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-105Blends quite well with the natural wildlife, doesn’t he?
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-108Peek-A-Boo!
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-111Breathtaking, isn’t it?
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-113Pretty little flowers, all on a vine.  Pretty little fan leaves, following close behind.
That quite a long way down!!Deception Pass 05-24-2014-120
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-122Wild roses!!!  Pre-thorn era.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-124Now you didn’t think you’d get through one of my wanders without a shot of something dead or decaying, did you?
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-127Its a miniature little land within the great above.
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-132Rollin, rollin, rolling down the river!!
 Deception Pass 05-24-2014-137And this was where I learned that my son has issues with heights.  Now, I am sure I never dangled him out of a window, so I am innocent for implanting that fear in his mind.  But wait!  He flies all over the country.  He doesn’t have an issue with that?  Well, that could be because it brings back fond memories of his first plane trip where he threw his tray of food all over the stewardess.  Yes, there was a time where they did feed people full meals on flights and not just in first class.
 And yes!  The water REALLY is that color!Deception Pass 05-24-2014-141
Deception Pass 05-24-2014-143

Its one of those linear things again.  But, it does gt you to the other side!


Spencer Island – Almost

Almost seems to be a common occurrence for me, particularly when I am trying to go somewhere.  I was looking for somewhere to go for my first hike of the new year.  So, an estuary with a bird sanctuary sounded like a wonderful place.  And it is not as if I got lost.  I didn’t.  I actually found it.  But, I reached a point in the gravel road where it said it would dead end and there would be no parking which meant I would have to backtrack to find the parking lot.
spencer island almostAs I turned the car around to head back to the parking areas, I had to make a pre-stop and grab the camera from the trunk and get a few pictures of the mist hanging over the ground and the muted colors of the vegetation.
The parking lot was part of Langus Rivespencer island almost-16rfront Park and it looked like a pretty good place to start.  So, I parked, grabbed my gear and gave a quick look at the thermometer.  28 degrees.  Okay, this could be a bit nippy.The lack of wind was going to be such a blessing for shots here.  The water was just glassy, the mirror images showing the alternate univers in the watery depths.
spencer island almost-19The dying strands of the river weed, stripped bare of their color and kissed with frost made such a stark comparison to the surroungind landscape.
spencer island almost-22 (1)Winter blooms reached out to the frost from their branches along the river’s edge.
spencer island almost-34The soft light of the sun ignited the ice speckles on even the finest branches and leaves, melting tiny drops of water not quite heavy enough to pull away in release.
spencer island almost-37 (1)The rotting tree trunk had such a spectral look to it and became even more start when I got home and pulled the color from it.
spencer island almost-47One of the fascinating things about living in the Seattle area is how you can travel trails that seem to be in remote nature and turn a corner and get a glimpse of a corner of the city.  Even more breathtaking when the clouds decide to dip and hug the buildings in the distance.
spencer island almost-71This towering giant was amazing on her own.  Imaged in color did not do her justice but brought to light and shadow, its easy to see her reaching her branches up to the heavens.
spencer island almost-49Rounding another corner, I got another glimpse of the mist dotted hillside.  And the birds were starting to come out to play now.
spencer island almost-73This was a stunning view.  Between shots, I just stood and stared and allowed the beauty to wash over and through me.
spencer island almost-72I just couldn’t decide which of the two pictures to use.  After going round and round trying to decide, I made it easy and placed both of them in.
spencer island almost-77As I came around a bend in the trail, I came across this man that I had seen earlier on the trail.  I was looking around the area seeing what begged to have a picture taken and he was sitting on the bench eating his lunch.  I snapped a couple pictures of him, not thinking much about it.  But, when I got it downloaded, I was rather pleased with the way this one looked.
spencer island almost-82Around another bend, and the terrain shifts yet again.  The river snaked through the distance with the trees and brush reflecting in the mirror surface of the still water.
spencer island almost-94What a truly amazing site overhead!  I had to get home and blow the shots up and do some checking to find out what they were.  I knew they were raptors, just not what kind.  The skies held the majesty of young bald eagles.  I was told this adolescent was about a year old.
And another one!spencer island almost-107
spencer island almost-108The bridge going over to Spencer Island.  It took a couple hours of wandering and shooting pictures.  The mistake was a double one.  Wearing new mud clompers and not wearing double socks had produced a blister on my foot that had been hobbling me for probably the last half hour or better.  I was tired and knew I needed to put an end to this day.  But, there, right in front of me was the gateway to the destination I had set out to find.  The bridge into Spencer Island.  *sigh*
spencer island almost-114Well, I couldn’t come this far without at least venturing inside.  So, I cross the bridge.  And immediately I am not disappointed.  There, on the tree in the middle of the muddy expanse is a majestic red tailed hawk.  Yes, I have seen them from the window as I drive down the road.  But, this was close.  This was his home.  This was where he ruled.
So very beautiful!spencer island almost-115
spencer island almost-129And still, after this many hours the frost was still there.  How lovely the fragile sheets of ice spanning the dry weeds.
spencer island almost-126Another turn in the road and another look at the river or a stream shooting off from it.
spencer island almost-130And a flock of Canadian geese coming in for a landing.  Hopefully, they know better than to go near the lake with the duck hunters.
spencer island almost-142As I near the parking lot, I spied this old structure, logging house, fishing shack, something.  But, it just looked off and yet right nestled in before all the new dwellings.  A stark portrait of an area where there is a place for the old to live alongside the new.
spencer island almost-149One final shot before getting in the car.  Next time I will wear the right shoes.  next time, I will tour Spencer Island.