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The Last Werewolf – Glen Duncan


The Last Werewolf“Fuck, kill, eat!”  So says Jacob Marlow is the mantra of the lycanthrope, and this is his story.  The biography of the last werewolf, sought after by the members of WOCOP, who have taken out, one at a time, the rest of his kind.

This is not a “sparkly” werewolf story full of cuteness and pretty creatures.  Its a gritty story about a suicidal werewolf that has lived too long, or so he thinks.

I found myself both liking and being annoyed with this book.  Most of my annoyance was at an excessive wordiness and a need to exhibit that he knew a lot of big words.  As much as I appreciate the English language and the massive pool of words that can be pulled from, the fact is that it begins to come across as an insecure need to prove oneself when you overuse large and elaborate words.  Its also writing down to your readership

The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman


Well, its Alice Hoffman.  So, I pretty much expected it to be an excellent read.  And she didn’t let me down.  Once again, she has taken a set of rather unusual characters and made them a part of your inner circle.  Even though the story revolves around their “oddness”, it becomes only relevant to the story and ceases to be noticed in the image of the character.

The Museum of Extraordinary Things is two stories.  First, Coralie, the girl with the webbed hands whose father, the proprietor of the museum, trains her to be able to spend huge amounts of time underwater and bills her as a human mermaid.  The museum is a freak show of midgets and Siamese twins and a wolfman, plus bottles and jars and displays of curiosities.  Her father dominates and controls her while she seeks tiny rebellions and dreams to find a place in the world outside of the sideshow.