Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier

Remarkable Creatures was a most wonderful read.  The author, Tracy Chevalier is most known for having written The Girl With the Pearl Earring.  And I have a confession to make.  I never did read that book.  But, I did watch the movie.  However, after having read Remarkable Creatures, it will go on my to read […]

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

She has done it again!  Chills up my spine and flesh crawling amazing!  This woman is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors! Sharp Objects is about a reporter, Camille Preaker who is sent to cover the murder of two young girls from the town where she was born and raised.  She returns to her […]

The Magicians – Lev Grossman

Quentin receives an envelope from a dead man he had an interview with and in it finds a book, The Magicians.  A wrong turn and seasons changed and he is offered the chance to take a test.  What’s he got to lose?  He passes and so begins his entrance into a magicians school, something he […]

The Last Werewolf – Glen Duncan

  “Fuck, kill, eat!”  So says Jacob Marlow is the mantra of the lycanthrope, and this is his story.  The biography of the last werewolf, sought after by the members of WOCOP, who have taken out, one at a time, the rest of his kind. This is not a “sparkly” werewolf story full of cuteness and […]

The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

Well, its Alice Hoffman.  So, I pretty much expected it to be an excellent read.  And she didn’t let me down.  Once again, she has taken a set of rather unusual characters and made them a part of your inner circle.  Even though the story revolves around their “oddness”, it becomes only relevant to the […]