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December Early Musings

December 2014-6
The Seattle area is nothing if not a cloud watcher’s delight.  For many, it’s too gray for them to ever make it a place to call home.  For me, you can keep the eternal sunshine.  We get our doses here.  We have those things called “seasons” that the people in sunny environments don’t understand.We also have interesting old farm buildings out in the country.  Add these with the “weather” and it can be quite beautiful!
December 2014-12Recent studies have shown that the electro-magnetic charge of grains can substantially increase the range of your television antennas.  They also have the added benefit of, when placed in conjunction with lightning rods, provide a data transfer method to your reanimations at the moment of awareness, thereby decreasing the level of hostility that might be encountered when they awaken from their numerous sleeps.
December 2014-15
Luckily, I got out with the camera before the last storm.  The leaves are now all gone from this little tree in my yard.  But, I had one beautiful late fall day that allowed this pre-winter’s nap shot first.
December 2014-20One of the interesting things about some leaves in the fall is they seem to become almost translucent and can be almost light prisms.  Even stripped of color, they glow with the luminescence of whatever light touches on their surface.
December 2014-23Coming home, the colors of the sky insisted I take a slight detour and capture some of their play across the sky.  Peeking through the brush you get your first glimpse of the dying embers of the sun.
December 2014-25If I had only arrive just a few moments sooner.  The colors had already begun to darken and fade by the time I found a place to park and snap the shots.  Not as vibrant as it was a few minutes earlier, but still quite pretty!
 December 2014-27And stripped of color, it takes on one of those haunted looks!
December 2014-28I believe that lil white peak on the left is Mount Baker.  Not quite as prominent as Ranier, but it’s still pretty impressive.  I think it may actually claim more lives annually than Rainier too.  Cuz people like to climb it.
December 2014-33And the swans have arrived.  As part of their all-inclusive resort package, their first stop is the always popular mud baths to restore their complexions and rejuvenate their bodies from the long flight in.
December 2014-37I have no idea why the have attracted the riff raff from the other side of the field.  I suppose they got tired of cow dung and thought swan dung would be an interesting change-up.  Caviar of the air???
December 2014-39They are rather interesting to watch though.  It seems its a mixed array of blackbirds, swallows, cow birds and others.  Which just goes to show that if birds of different feathers can flock together, why can’t we?
December 2014-42And new flights coming in all the time.  Or, are they on their way out?  They do like to field hop, so its hard to tell.
December 2014-46And just in case you are wondering.  No, some of them did not get carried away with the mud baths.  The tawny ones are the young swans.  They go completely white at about a year old.
December 2014-47Yeah!  I’m Bad!  I’m Bad!!
December 2014-48Just stylin’ with my new dress on!!!
December 2014-51And this pair even came with its own escort.  Wonder if they are royalty?
December 2014-54Now this just had to be shared.  It’s a beet!  And this is not a trick of the camera.  It really is that big!  And it wasn’t even the biggest one they had.  And it didn’t lose flavor from being so large.  I got some roast beets out of it and some beet powder.  Gotta love the organic farms up here.  The cabbages are even more impressive!
December 2014-57And the snow arrived!  My fire pit is getting closer and closer to being done!
December 2014-59Love the first snow with tiny icicles!
And another sunset.  Aren’t the clouds amazing???December 2014-64
December 2014-65Its one of those, I don’t care if its out of focus.  It looks cool and you can rub your eyes after and put Visine in them.  But, it’s still cool looking!
December 2014-75A friend asked how you know if they are swans in the sky.  Its easy.  They have the really, really long necks.  You watch them fly and all you can think about is what a neck ache they must have by the time they get to their destination.
December 2014-78I had to make a trip over to the old brokey down house after the snow.  I have no idea how much longer it is going to remain standing.  So, I am going to try to get some shots in different weather conditions before it finally comes crashing down.
December 2014-79And I met the neighbor this time.  He thought I should take his picture too.  Cute little thing, isn’t he?  He just watched while I took my pictures.
I do think it is starting to fall a bit more.December 2014-80
I like this one!!December 2014-81
This one came out pretty cool too, I think.December 2014-82
December 2014-84I will have to some day create a story around this house.
December 2014-86And I saw this as I was turning around to leave.  I had to pull the camera out again and get a shot.  Just took my breath away.
Even without color, its pretty!December 2014-87