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“Cliff Tones” – New Watercolor

“Cliff Tones” – New Watercolor
By Sephi PiderWitch


Green Grass Grew All Around – Watercolor

Green Grass Grew All Around – Watercolor


To View The World Through a Drop of Water – 2017 WK 11 – Depth of Field

WPP2017 – Week 11 – Depth of Field

To View The World Through a Drop of Water


After The Snowfall – 2017 WK 8 – Playing With Light

*WPP2017 – Week 08 – Playing with Light*

“After the Snowfall”


Darkling Fairy of the Woods – 2017 WK 7 – Unsharp/Blur

WPP2017 – Week 07 – Unsharp/Blur

“Darkling Fairy of the Woods”


Silver Stream – New Painting


Hiking With Elephants – Wk 1 – Holidays

Had to think about this. I spent my New Year’s on a two hikes in low 30 degree weather. We each have to define what a holiday is. I think walking a beautiful trail and seeing a driftwood elephant in the process (who I have since named Fee Fee, and yes there is more to that one) made it a wonderful holiday. I also saw hawks and herons and eagles and little brown birds playing peekaboo from the bushes. So, this is my first offering for the year.


Winter Blue


December Sketches



My son’s best friend came up with the name for my latest painting.  I think it fits it well.  I was trying some new things and had no real plan when I started.  Just playing with colors and such.  A tree started to show and a pond at the bottom, so I went with those and added details.