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Sitting Pretty – Watercolor

“Sitting Pretty” – Watercolor

My little Cassie Girl – I am actually quite proud of this one!

Flowers – Watercolor

Not nearly as subtle as I would like. Yes! I am trying to learn subtle. I should have know this would be a bit difficult.

Guiding Light – New Painting

“Guiding Light”

Out of the Mystic – New Painting

Out Of The Mystic

This one was a bit of a surprise.  I was trying to paint an image someone in one of my groups took a picture of and it seemed to want to take on a life of its own.  I think I like it though.

Murderer’s Row In The Springtime – New Painting

Murderer’s Row In The Springtime

Pretty In Pink – New Watercolor Painting

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

River Flight – New Watercolor Painting

“River Flight”












When I scanned the painting, I accidentally scanned it in grayscale first.  I decided I liked how it came out and thought I would add it at the bottom.