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January 2017

Yeah, she’s a little topsy-turvy, but she says it helps the blood flow in her head.  And its also a retaliation for her not being offered copious quantities of treats to be the CoverGirl of the post.
Since I have been very negligent on my blog, I am just going to run a Cliff Note version for January.  I admit that I allowed myself to get sideswiped by politics last year.  And I have come to the conclusion that if you allow yourself to get too caught up in things such as that, you forget to live and laugh and have fun.  By the end of it, I was totally burned out.  The chips will fall where they will in the aftermath.  There will either be traces of green earth or it will all be scorched.  But, I shall take a lesson that I learned a few decades ago.  The greatest revenge you can inflict on a force attempting to control you is to simply live your life.  To not let that force interfere.  To smile, to laugh, to make good art.  Because, if you do that, they ultimately lost.

So, the first day of the year, I began it by going on a 1st day hike.  The ranger running the group didn’t want to wait for me to use the restroom, so they all took off without me.  I decided I was fine with that and could make it a picture day and take my own sweet time stopping wherever I wanted to.  And along the trail, I found this wonderful driftwood elephant trying to grab a tree limb.

Note:  If you click on the picture, you will go to the gallery of pictures I took on the hike

I stopped at Fir Island on the way back and was treated to a number of herons playing in the vicinity.  If you go to the gallery (click on photo and it will take you there) you will see a large heron with a great beard.  He was totally indifferent to my presence.  Actually, most of them were someone unbothered by it.  I do believe they are aware that they are on protected lands there.

I saw snow banked along the side of the river driving home one day and figured I had better get some shots before it melted.  Most of our snow is on the mountains and it doesn’t often stick for long when it does come down.  The really cool thing when I got down to the river’s edge was the ice sheets floating down the river and crunching into each other.  My timing was perfect too as the sun was starting to set.  No alterations have been made to the color in the photos.  That is the color being cast by the setting sun.  Took “Golden Hour” to a new level.

Again, clicking on photo will take you to the gallery of photos I took at the river’s edge.

This, is a juvenile red tail hawk.  It was captured before a raptor class I went to.  You can’t really tell what the gender is.  Mature and in a nest with their mate, you can.  The female will be the larger of the two.  During the class, they measured, took vitals and banded the leg of the hawk.  And this was when I learned that their legs are full size at 3 weeks old.  And that is why they can band the leg of a juvenile and not worry about it.  They also said that if you find a band, you should call it in to the local bird watch.   It was an amazing class with a field trip after.

While we were out looking for more birds, they caught this merlin.  They caught it while we were distracted looking for other birds in the fields, so I didn’t get to see how they are catching these birds so easily.  But, look at the feathers on this little one!  Just gorgeous!!!

And isn’t this the cutest face you have ever seen???  And if you click on the pic, you can see all the shots from that day.

We had a wee bit of a cold spell here a couple weeks ago.  Cold enough that it managed to freeze the fountains at the Tulalip Casino.  We don’t get sustained colds around here very often, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get some shots of this.Again, click the image to see the rest of the shots.  )
I got distracted by the way the sun was coming through the clouds and took a turn onto one  of the back roads to try and get some pictures of it.  As you can see, it was worth the side trip.

But, there was an additional surprise when I went down the road.  The fields were full of snow geese.  And I was lucky enough that after parking the car, I got to witness them taking flight.  I couldn’t begin to guess how many were there, but it was well in the thousands.Yes, there are more pictures if you want to click on the image.

Just a little example of some of Seattle’s graffiti.

I know.  Its a bit glary, but I really liked this painting and had to take a picture of it.

THIS!  This is a jacket I found in a local second hand store.  I am beside myself with glee over adding this to my wardrobe.

And the back view of it.

A present.  Its a tortilla warmer.  Isn’t it awesome??

New  Watercolor Brush.  Don’t know what it will do yet.  Will play with it this weekend.

And this is a horseradish sauce guaranteed to clear your sinuses, make your eyes water and possibly give you coughing fits.  Yumm!

And it  is the year of the rooster, so the post wouldn’t be complete without an impressive cock.

And her little Princess Cassie Flooferpants says it is time to go for now.  She says she will need at least 4 treats, no, 6 treats for waiting for me to finish.



Frozen In Time – Weekly Photo Project – Week 03 – Wet/Dry

Frozen In Time – Weekly Photo Project –  Week 03 – Wet/Dry
Its such a stunning sight to see a fountain frozen in midstream. Even more when it is as impressive of a fountain as the one at the Tulalip Casino. I figured this covers the week’s theme at just about every angle. Wet and dry, liquid and solid, flowing and stationary. Oh, and crystal clear and cloudy. Oh, and not to mention, Really Purdy!!! Yup! Definitely worth backtracking to get some shots of!

At The River’s Edge – Wk 2 – Symmetry

I pulled down to the side road by the river because I saw the snow buildup on the banks (lingering snow is unusual around here, so I didn’t want to miss it) The sun was setting and there were sheets of ice floating down the river crunching into each other. It was amazing to sit there (Okay, stand. Too cold and wet to sit) and listen to that ice and the singing of the eagles in the trees. The scene gave the “Golden Hour” a whole new level for me that day.

Hiking With Elephants – Wk 1 – Holidays

Had to think about this. I spent my New Year’s on a two hikes in low 30 degree weather. We each have to define what a holiday is. I think walking a beautiful trail and seeing a driftwood elephant in the process (who I have since named Fee Fee, and yes there is more to that one) made it a wonderful holiday. I also saw hawks and herons and eagles and little brown birds playing peekaboo from the bushes. So, this is my first offering for the year.

Sorticulture 2016

Awesome Spiderweb

I must first apologize for the horrible quality of most of the pictures in this post.  I had the camera settings way off and didn’t realize it until it was too late.  So the result was that most of the shots ended up in the trash.  And I suppose many of these should as well, but its just too cool of an event not to make a note of it.

This is a spiderweb hanging one of the vendors had.  He also makes those little stick in the ground birds and critters for your yards.  I told the lady running the booth that he really, really needs to do a spider like that.  I would buy one of those!
Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (1 of 41)

Spider Closeup

This is a close up of the spider.  He was just amazing!  If I had $300 to spend on a wall sculpture, I would consider doing so for this one.  Alas, I do not.  So, I will just hope he makes spider yard stakes next year.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (2 of 41)

Funky Bird

Again, sorry for the blurriness of the shot.  *Sigh*  I could shoot myself for that mistake.  But, he’s a very cute bird!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (4 of 41)

My Name is Margie-Rosanne-Rosanna-Dana

This is my Artsy Fartsy friend Margie, doing her best Rosanne-Rosanna-Danna imitation!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (6 of 41)

And They Put There Heads On Stakes!

Kind of like a cartoon version of Game of Thrones where they put their heads on spikes, isn’t it?Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (8 of 41)

Dragon MacBeth

To Be?  Or Not To Be!

Oh, make him a not to be George!  Then maybe we can get some peace.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (13 of 41)

He’s Tailing Me

Follow me kid!  I know the way out of here!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (15 of 41)

Tool Cabin

Now that’s my idea of a cool tool crib!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (16 of 41)

Flying Condos

And no garden is complete without Designer Birdhouses!
Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (18 of 41)

Its a Horse’s Ass

And even one with a Horse’s Ass for those really jerky birds that dive bomb you for the good food to be replaced.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (20 of 41)

The Makings of an Owl

And this was kind of neat.  The guy was working on it just before I got there.  I would have like to have gotten pictures of him actually working, but the person he was talking to seemed like a friend and that they would be talking for quite a while.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (21 of 41)

Owl Drone?

Bawk!  Bawk!  Do the funky Owl!!!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (3 of 41)

Window Shopping

Lots and lots of people, though it got even busier just before we left.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (27 of 41)


I know that face.  Though it is generally peering over the edge of the warm bed.  Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (31 of 41)

Dangly Bits

And I so love the creative re-purposing of things you see at this show.  Teapots and chalices and bowls and any sparkly bits you can find to dangle down.Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (24 of 41)

Trucking Along

They went that a-way!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (29 of 41)

Bauble Bits and Green Things

Ornaments on house plants.  How cool is this?Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (25 of 41)

And the Sunlight Pierced Through the Haunted Forest

And thankfully, this one came out beautifully!  At least I think so.  I do love this tree!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (36 of 41)

If the Houses Could Talk!

Nooo!  We won’t talk!  What happens in these walls stays in these walls!  Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (30 of 41)

Where’s the Doctor??

The Doctor is In!Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (38 of 41)


Shiny Baubles . . . Glinting in the air . . . . Shiny Baubles . . . . Sorticulture June 2016 Low Res (41 of 41)

Marching in the Garden and Jumping in Puddles

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-1
Hellebore Okay, this is odd, I had already written things in the first two panel of this.  So, I appears that the word gremlins got hungry and decided to feast on my commentaries.

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-3
Hellebore Flowers
Garden March 2016 Lo Res-4
I really do need to figure out what these little flowers are.  If what a google search is correct, it appears they are forget-me-nots.  Not totally sure its correct, but I’m going with it.
Pretty little things, aren’t they?Garden March 2016 Lo Res-5

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-6
A missed hydrangea from the pruning

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-7
My white Weeping Cherry Tree

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-9
White Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-10
Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-11
Cherry Blossoms 3

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-12
Cherry Blossoms 4 Sepia

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-13
Cherry Blossoms 6

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-14
Cherry Blossoms 7

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-15
Cherry Blossoms 8

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-16
Little White Cherry Blossom Tree
I just love the cascades of flowers.Garden March 2016 Lo Res-18
Garden March 2016 Lo Res-19

And this was taken under the tree looking out.  I think I need to put a little seat here.  Even if it is just for the blooming time.  But, even the leaves are pretty.

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-20

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-21
Lovely Lavender Primroses

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-22
Lavender Primroses

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-24

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-28
Oregon Grape Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-26
Oregon Grape Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-31
Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-29
Interesting dead plant

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-32
More Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-33
One of the first pink cherry blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-34
Pink Cherry Blosoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-35
Cherry Blossoms

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-36
Cherry Blossoms with a fade filter

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-37
Yesteryear filter applied

Garden March 2016 Lo Res-38
And Cherry Blossoms in Sepia

Iverson Spit 01/31/2015

Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-81The second half of the day with the Sierra Club was brought onto my little island where I discovered another trail that I didn’t know about, Iverson Spit.  The interesting thing is that my grandparents were Iversons.  I may have to look into that further at some point.Coming around the bend in the road, there were some Canadian geese in the field.  There were a couple of bald eagles just before that and I was stopping to get some shots of them, but the guy behind me started honking his horn and they were veering off.  Not sure if it was because they didn’t want to hang around the jerk who couldn’t appreciate their majesty or some other reason.  But, I guess it did prove that Sierra Club and appreciation for nature did not always go hand in hand or it did so selectively depending on how great what the sheep’s need to follow.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-82The herons are wonderful to see regardless of where they are found.  Though I must admit that I prefer those rare occasions where they are found fishing.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-85It seems I am slowly starting to learn to identify even the little birds.  This is and Anna’s hummingbird.  I was told that they are quite stunning to catch in the sunlight (of which we had pretty much none of that day).  This one was quite content to just hang around this one tree.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-86A little bit of proof that they are not always moving.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-89I do like the driftwood beaches that line my island.  I believe I was told its because they funnel through the bay and they come in but don’t go out.  But, it does make for some interesting fancy footwork along them to get to the water’s edge.  And they can get very slick.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-90Kinda looks like a seed pod, doesn’t it?  Its probably for one of those giant trees on the other side of the world that you can wrap 50 pairs of arms around and the itty bitty tops on them.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-93Red holly???  Does that mean the mistletoe will be purple?  That would be cool!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-94
Just cuz it look ethereal!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-96
I have always know these as Manzanitas, however, it seems no one up here knows that name.  I think they use Madrone.  Or something like it.  Difference is, up here, they are HUGE!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-99Blackbird singing in the dead of night!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-104
They’re our redwing blackbirds.  My understanding is the male has multiple mates and the stay in family units.  The female is much drearier looking as is with most of the bird species save the raptors.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-107
And here the Patriarch is catcalling, uhm, birdcalling the single females flitting about.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-112
Just some pretty lichens that look like big snowflakes on the branches.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-116
See????  Snowflake!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-118Particle snowflake!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-120
Oh, I forget what they said this little brown one was.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-124
Its a doorway to another realm.  I peeked inside.  They were having lunch, so I will go back later.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-138Isn’t that a cute little bridge?
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-140It looked really cool sticking up from the grasses.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-143Thought it made an interesting formation and has some nice lights and shadows in it.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-145
The miniature world around here is just as lovely as the big world.  But, I have often noticed that many people will walk right by such things without even seeing them.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-146
They’re just sooo cute!!  And they can generally be found most of the time.  Unlike a lot of the mushrooms that are generally only seen in the fall.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-148Little did the unsuspecting travelers know, but they had entered the darkness forest and the trees were reaching out to claim more victims for their evening meal.  It was proving to promise quite the feast.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-149And the long spindly hand reached out from the bowels of the earth toward their cowering forms.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-152Now bow to your partner on the left, then bow to your partner on the right!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-153Though it does look cooler in grayscale!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-155We were pretty sure it was a Cooper’s hawk.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-157Yup, that’s what it seems to be.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-162And the darkness opened before them, daring them to enter.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-164Pretty colors, aren’t they?
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-169No one else seemed to find this as stunning as I did.  I still find it stunning.  The reflection was just perfect.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-173Irresistible, one would think.  Alas, it will have to wait for another day.  The ground was so we that my boot got sucked in to the ankle on the firs step.  Its been a wet year!  But, I will be back for this one.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-174Now, That’s a spider plant!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-176I so love the color of these trees after they shed their bark.  Almost looks like wounds in some places.
Celebration!Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-181
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-194Ahhh!  And the little hummingbird is still there.  A bit closer this time.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-196And he did a little flutter-by for us.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-197Liftoff!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-198Wow!  I’m pooped!

Port Susan Bay 01/31/2015


Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-2Alas, it was a very overcast day when I went with the Sierra Club to Port Susan Bay.  These are Snow Geese, though its hard to tell because of the gray skies.  They come all the way from Russia to spend their winters with us.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-3I’m thinking I need to head over to Fir Island before they leave and see if I can get some shots of some really big clouds of them taking off.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-6I have absolutely NO idea what this thing is, only that it was old and the metal parts were rusty and it looked very cool.  So, I did what any shutterbug does, I took a picture.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-7And to think the last time I was over here, this was dirt.  Now its a cute little pond!
 Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-10Although the small monolith in front of the prickly vines looks like it might be an unmarked grave, it isn’t.  But, we’ll just pretend that it is.  Or maybe it really is and we shouldn’t mention it.Look at the pretty plants in the front of the picture!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-14
Oh, just because I like things like this.  And no, I do not know what kind of plant it is.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-16I considered noting a few things that can be found in the curves and shadows of this driftwood root, but thought it would be more fun to make it a visual treasure hunt for everyone else.  Do enjoy!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-18
This is actually a prehistoric saddle for a mastodon.  They used to be prolific on these shores and the native tribes had domesticated an entire herd of them for their use.  Needless to say, they rarely had to raise a bow in battle.  The warring tribes took one look at their woolly steeds and ran the other way.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-19From a distance its a Rorschach block.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-23
One lovely thing that can be done to take advantage of what would otherwise be dismal pictures on an overcast day is to drop them to tinted shots like this.  I rather like this one.  And the wetlands in the distance are quite cool, I think.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-27 This is actually an ancient instrument reportedly used by Hades to attempt to woo the Goddess Persephone before resorting to conspiring with her father to set an example for centuries to come, and simply abduct her.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-32
Silhouettes on a misty moor.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-35And now you know giants really did walk the earth.  And this is a toothpick grove they left behind.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-38They stood in fear as the Goliath began to emerge from the murky depths of the bog.  But the curiosity overrode their fear as they wished to know what the final creature would be in its full glory.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-39Its a moat!No its not.  Its where the critters had their party last night and danced in circles till dawn with their rain dance.  It was a successful dance, as the furrow is now full.Its still a moat!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-42
And flap!  And flap! And FLAP!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-44
Naner! Naner! Naner!  You can’t catch me!!!!  Plllttthhhzzzz!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-48Up, Up and AWAY!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-50
Yes, to most, it looks like a desolate wasteland.  But wait!  There’s life down there!  Where?  You ask. . . . .
There!Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-51
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-52
I dunno.  Its a little brown bird sitting on a wire.  Oooh, Bird On a Wire, wasn’t that a movie?  Maybe its a movie star?
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-53
Its so easy to find your own little private island in some places.  Okay, you may not be able to build a home on it, but its the thought that counts.
Just cuz its cool!Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-65
 Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-72
How they put nitrogen back in the soil up here.  And they’re pretty too!  Though I hear they will take out the electrical lines sometimes.
 WARNING!!  The next shot is not for those of a squeamish demeanor that only want to see live critters.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-75
There’s a dead flicker in the middle of the road.
Dead flicker in the middle of the road.
Dead flicker in the middle of the road.
Never again flying to heaven!For those that want to know more, its a Northern Flicker.  I couldn’t help it.  The colors were pretty.  I was talking to my daughter when I saw it and told her to hold on. There was a dead body and I wanted to take pictures.  She laughed and said she love me cuz I was so weird.  Well, yes.