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Iverson Spit 01/31/2015

Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-81The second half of the day with the Sierra Club was brought onto my little island where I discovered another trail that I didn’t know about, Iverson Spit.  The interesting thing is that my grandparents were Iversons.  I may have to look into that further at some point.Coming around the bend in the road, there were some Canadian geese in the field.  There were a couple of bald eagles just before that and I was stopping to get some shots of them, but the guy behind me started honking his horn and they were veering off.  Not sure if it was because they didn’t want to hang around the jerk who couldn’t appreciate their majesty or some other reason.  But, I guess it did prove that Sierra Club and appreciation for nature did not always go hand in hand or it did so selectively depending on how great what the sheep’s need to follow.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-82The herons are wonderful to see regardless of where they are found.  Though I must admit that I prefer those rare occasions where they are found fishing.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-85It seems I am slowly starting to learn to identify even the little birds.  This is and Anna’s hummingbird.  I was told that they are quite stunning to catch in the sunlight (of which we had pretty much none of that day).  This one was quite content to just hang around this one tree.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-86A little bit of proof that they are not always moving.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-89I do like the driftwood beaches that line my island.  I believe I was told its because they funnel through the bay and they come in but don’t go out.  But, it does make for some interesting fancy footwork along them to get to the water’s edge.  And they can get very slick.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-90Kinda looks like a seed pod, doesn’t it?  Its probably for one of those giant trees on the other side of the world that you can wrap 50 pairs of arms around and the itty bitty tops on them.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-93Red holly???  Does that mean the mistletoe will be purple?  That would be cool!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-94
Just cuz it look ethereal!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-96
I have always know these as Manzanitas, however, it seems no one up here knows that name.  I think they use Madrone.  Or something like it.  Difference is, up here, they are HUGE!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-99Blackbird singing in the dead of night!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-104
They’re our redwing blackbirds.  My understanding is the male has multiple mates and the stay in family units.  The female is much drearier looking as is with most of the bird species save the raptors.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-107
And here the Patriarch is catcalling, uhm, birdcalling the single females flitting about.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-112
Just some pretty lichens that look like big snowflakes on the branches.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-116
See????  Snowflake!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-118Particle snowflake!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-120
Oh, I forget what they said this little brown one was.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-124
Its a doorway to another realm.  I peeked inside.  They were having lunch, so I will go back later.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-138Isn’t that a cute little bridge?
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-140It looked really cool sticking up from the grasses.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-143Thought it made an interesting formation and has some nice lights and shadows in it.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-145
The miniature world around here is just as lovely as the big world.  But, I have often noticed that many people will walk right by such things without even seeing them.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-146
They’re just sooo cute!!  And they can generally be found most of the time.  Unlike a lot of the mushrooms that are generally only seen in the fall.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-148Little did the unsuspecting travelers know, but they had entered the darkness forest and the trees were reaching out to claim more victims for their evening meal.  It was proving to promise quite the feast.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-149And the long spindly hand reached out from the bowels of the earth toward their cowering forms.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-152Now bow to your partner on the left, then bow to your partner on the right!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-153Though it does look cooler in grayscale!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-155We were pretty sure it was a Cooper’s hawk.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-157Yup, that’s what it seems to be.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-162And the darkness opened before them, daring them to enter.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-164Pretty colors, aren’t they?
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-169No one else seemed to find this as stunning as I did.  I still find it stunning.  The reflection was just perfect.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-173Irresistible, one would think.  Alas, it will have to wait for another day.  The ground was so we that my boot got sucked in to the ankle on the firs step.  Its been a wet year!  But, I will be back for this one.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-174Now, That’s a spider plant!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-176I so love the color of these trees after they shed their bark.  Almost looks like wounds in some places.
Celebration!Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-181
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-194Ahhh!  And the little hummingbird is still there.  A bit closer this time.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-196And he did a little flutter-by for us.
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-197Liftoff!!!
Port Susan Bay and Iverson Spit-198Wow!  I’m pooped!

Driftwood Shores – Camano Island 06/18/2014

Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-15My dear friend came out for a visit for a couple of days.  As we had spent the morning having breakfast on the way back from the airport and fussing around at cool little local stores, we finished the day by going for a wander at my beach.  The entire beach seems to be a bleached graveyard for the trees and branches for at least a half dozen states and numerous islands.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-17Okay, so there are a few things that seem to resist the bleaching aspect of the beach, like this manzanita branch.  We were fascinated with the knotted curls along the length like arthritic joints or maybe alien tentacles reaching out from the rocky blanket.  Ooooh, “They Came From Below.”
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-18And they insert their demonic spawn spores into the branches to wait for unsuspecting people to carry them home where they will mature and hatch and then possess the bodies of the people in the house, insert themselves into society and take over the world.  They count on the fact that most people are looking to the skies for potential invasion, so are unsuspecting of what is below their feet.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-12Nature is just amazing in its ability to find a seat for new life in just about any place, on any surface.  Such as a bleached out dead piece of wood that has washed up on the beach.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-6I do so like this house that just sits out all by itself on the bluff.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-2Its almost like a lifeless tree growing out of the pebbled beach on an alien landscape.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-34Quite the little battle of the goldfinches going on over the feeder.  You would think there is more than enough to go around.  It seems greed is not just restricted to humans.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-36It almost seems like it was an orchestrated plan to build such a linear, high tech building next to this particular sand of driftwood.  Though, it seems there is one that is either rearing up in protest or celebration.
bird feeer-1I was very proud of how well this one came out.  I may have to work out the words of these three in their battle of the bulge.
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-26Skeletal hands at the bottom of this sculpture beckoning you to look closer.
A weeping figure.  Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-28
Could be a moosehead on the right there.Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-27
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-20
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-35

Just cuz it was a cool little rusted thing.

Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-50

Then we had the clouds at the house when we got back.  We considered calling SETI or NASA, but opted to just watch it.

Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-49

Painted skies in in the evening and morning are common.  One would think they would cease to have the effect of taking your breath away after seeing them so often, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

BIRD DIVE!!!!Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-44
Camano Island with Blu 06-18-2014-55

I’m pretty sure they were in a movie I saw.  War of the Worlds maybe??