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InkTober 2015 Week 1

Okay, so I got talked into participating in this InkTober thing where you are supposed to do an ink sketch every day of October.  I started a few days behind, so I had to catch up a little.  And I thought it would be nice to record them here.

So, here is the first week in InkTober.  I had actually had this partially sketched out in pencil at a restaurant and thought I could quickly detail it out a bit with ink.

InkTober #1
InkTober #2 – Sketched while watching TV20151003_180213
InkTober #3 – Cuz garlic is just cool!
InkTober #4 – Okay, not my best, but it caught me up to the 4 drawings due.
So, that catches me up on the first week.  Hopefully, I can keep it up for the whole month.  I would like to note that something I found rather upsettling when I looked Inktober up was there appears to be people that say the one they are posting is something they had done at another time, and they are well done ink drawings.  Though I appreciate the skill in them, I personally think this is a detraction to what I see as the purpose of this.  The purpose is an exercise to inspire you to do a little creative thing each day.  Its not a contest or anything like that.  At first I was a bit set back by it, because I was posting much rougher sketches, but then I realized, I was actually doing what the exercise was.  And it is not a contest.  Just a way to fire up creativity.