It’s a Matter of Time

It’s a Matter of Time Aubrey made one final sweep with the piece of chalk she had in her hand, then smooched back and leaned against the tree and looked at her brother. “Is it finished?”  he asked. “What do you think?” Aubrey asked.  “Doesn’t it look finished to you?” “I think most of them […]

The dress spoke for her

(100 Word Flash Fiction) The Dress Spoke For Her It hung in the corner. A gift. A dress of dreams. Dress enough to give her confidence and courage. So, she hoped. She slid it on, it flowed down the length of her body, slipping around every contour. This would work. Slowly she strode across the […]

Old Blood is Better than Young Blood

Richard looked around the dimly lit hall, taking in all the figures in groups and huddles milling about.“So, All the people here are vampires?  As is the blood drinking, real honest to God vampires?”  Richard asked his escort Michael. “Yes, everyone here, save for you my friend.”  Michael answered, his voice soft and low, its […]