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The timid toy designer wrote a story in a broken elevator to confuse the investigator. She thought deeply on the memories of the beasties and creatures of fantasy, searching for the right one, the right combination that would make this work. Her bag of tricks was almost empty and it was only a matter of time before he figured out that the only place left to look for her was in the elevator and the door in front of her was as insubstantial as the air it was woven from. But, summoning a creature from story or mythlore was most dangerous. One need rely on the accuracy of the telling and hope that there did not exist an older, more dangerous version that might emerge in its stead.
His footsteps approached nearer and she stilled her breath and willed her heart to soften its beating. She could smell the rank staleness of him. There is nothing so vile as the scent of stolen dreams and magicks left to rot upon a trophy cord. Softly, she drew in her breath and wishpered a prayer to her spirits and released her substance to their will.
The news cameras caught the filming of him running from the building screaming higher than any bimbo in a B-rated horror flick. The camera men inched slowly towards the building hoping to get a glimpse of the cause. A daring reporter cautiously stuck his head in the door and looked around. There was nothing but empty halls and rooms that he could see. They moved in and began to scout around, becoming more baffled with each moment at the emptiness of the place. The offices were closed and all the doors were locked. The only open door was the elevator at the end of the main hall. The daring reporter that first entered the building approached cautiously and peered inside. It too, was empty. Laughing nervously, they began to file out of the building. It was unlikely the investigator would ever live this one down.
A soft twitter-giggle echoed gently through the elevator shaft. The toy maker was no longer so timid. Her spirits had served her well. She rather liked this new form. Seems they fashioned her out of some of her favorite creatures, the sleek sensual body of a cat, the legs of a spider complete with web spinning ability  And oh look!  She swished the venom barbed scorpion tale in front of her.  This will do just fine! Now she supposed she needed to give herself a name. Hmmmmm???? A knowing smile spread across her face . . . . . Arachnafelorpion! Desolinia giggled again and began to draw herself further up the shaft by her silken thread. It was a bright sunny day out. She figured she had earned the right to enjoy some of it.
copyright  2009