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Nano Recovery

Winner-2014-Web-BannerSome insanity overtook me and I decided to enlist in the Nano madness for the first time ever.  For those not aware of it, its Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month where you commit to writing 50,000 words in the month of November.

I chose to engage in it because I have had a book idea brewing and thought it would give me the kick in the pants I needed to make a serious dent in it.  And I am very proud to say that I did indeed meet the 50,000 word count.  *Bells and whistles off in the background*  The task took me away from many things and I pretty much spent all my extra time plugging away at the keyboard.  I got none of the books I had read reviewed, haven’t gone through the photos in my camera and haven’t drawn anything.  But, I got the 50K!

That said, I am such a very long way from saying that I have a “novel”.  I have the foundation of one.  But, as in most things in my life, I seem to have bitten of a rather large bite on mine.  I have decided that before I consider plowing forward, I need to take a step back on the book and lay a bit more groundwork and decide what needs expanding and what needs some culling.  So, I will probably become a quiet subject for a while.

But, its over!  I did it!  And in the few days since, I have gotten a couple of reviews written on books I read during November.  And I plan on going through the camera this weekend.  The swans and snow geese are in and I have gotten the first batch  of pictures taken of them!  Oh, and the snow is filling up the mountains!  Very pretty!  Which caused me to sing a little ditty on the way home while waiting for a friend to pick the phone back up.  Little Christmas trees in the snow on the side of the road, covered with Christmas snow in the afternoon sun.

What a joy to live where there are seasons.  And thankfully, the rain has taken a short break giving the roads a chance to dry out  bit.

Spencer Island – Almost

Almost seems to be a common occurrence for me, particularly when I am trying to go somewhere.  I was looking for somewhere to go for my first hike of the new year.  So, an estuary with a bird sanctuary sounded like a wonderful place.  And it is not as if I got lost.  I didn’t.  I actually found it.  But, I reached a point in the gravel road where it said it would dead end and there would be no parking which meant I would have to backtrack to find the parking lot.
spencer island almostAs I turned the car around to head back to the parking areas, I had to make a pre-stop and grab the camera from the trunk and get a few pictures of the mist hanging over the ground and the muted colors of the vegetation.
The parking lot was part of Langus Rivespencer island almost-16rfront Park and it looked like a pretty good place to start.  So, I parked, grabbed my gear and gave a quick look at the thermometer.  28 degrees.  Okay, this could be a bit nippy.The lack of wind was going to be such a blessing for shots here.  The water was just glassy, the mirror images showing the alternate univers in the watery depths.
spencer island almost-19The dying strands of the river weed, stripped bare of their color and kissed with frost made such a stark comparison to the surroungind landscape.
spencer island almost-22 (1)Winter blooms reached out to the frost from their branches along the river’s edge.
spencer island almost-34The soft light of the sun ignited the ice speckles on even the finest branches and leaves, melting tiny drops of water not quite heavy enough to pull away in release.
spencer island almost-37 (1)The rotting tree trunk had such a spectral look to it and became even more start when I got home and pulled the color from it.
spencer island almost-47One of the fascinating things about living in the Seattle area is how you can travel trails that seem to be in remote nature and turn a corner and get a glimpse of a corner of the city.  Even more breathtaking when the clouds decide to dip and hug the buildings in the distance.
spencer island almost-71This towering giant was amazing on her own.  Imaged in color did not do her justice but brought to light and shadow, its easy to see her reaching her branches up to the heavens.
spencer island almost-49Rounding another corner, I got another glimpse of the mist dotted hillside.  And the birds were starting to come out to play now.
spencer island almost-73This was a stunning view.  Between shots, I just stood and stared and allowed the beauty to wash over and through me.
spencer island almost-72I just couldn’t decide which of the two pictures to use.  After going round and round trying to decide, I made it easy and placed both of them in.
spencer island almost-77As I came around a bend in the trail, I came across this man that I had seen earlier on the trail.  I was looking around the area seeing what begged to have a picture taken and he was sitting on the bench eating his lunch.  I snapped a couple pictures of him, not thinking much about it.  But, when I got it downloaded, I was rather pleased with the way this one looked.
spencer island almost-82Around another bend, and the terrain shifts yet again.  The river snaked through the distance with the trees and brush reflecting in the mirror surface of the still water.
spencer island almost-94What a truly amazing site overhead!  I had to get home and blow the shots up and do some checking to find out what they were.  I knew they were raptors, just not what kind.  The skies held the majesty of young bald eagles.  I was told this adolescent was about a year old.
And another one!spencer island almost-107
spencer island almost-108The bridge going over to Spencer Island.  It took a couple hours of wandering and shooting pictures.  The mistake was a double one.  Wearing new mud clompers and not wearing double socks had produced a blister on my foot that had been hobbling me for probably the last half hour or better.  I was tired and knew I needed to put an end to this day.  But, there, right in front of me was the gateway to the destination I had set out to find.  The bridge into Spencer Island.  *sigh*
spencer island almost-114Well, I couldn’t come this far without at least venturing inside.  So, I cross the bridge.  And immediately I am not disappointed.  There, on the tree in the middle of the muddy expanse is a majestic red tailed hawk.  Yes, I have seen them from the window as I drive down the road.  But, this was close.  This was his home.  This was where he ruled.
So very beautiful!spencer island almost-115
spencer island almost-129And still, after this many hours the frost was still there.  How lovely the fragile sheets of ice spanning the dry weeds.
spencer island almost-126Another turn in the road and another look at the river or a stream shooting off from it.
spencer island almost-130And a flock of Canadian geese coming in for a landing.  Hopefully, they know better than to go near the lake with the duck hunters.
spencer island almost-142As I near the parking lot, I spied this old structure, logging house, fishing shack, something.  But, it just looked off and yet right nestled in before all the new dwellings.  A stark portrait of an area where there is a place for the old to live alongside the new.
spencer island almost-149One final shot before getting in the car.  Next time I will wear the right shoes.  next time, I will tour Spencer Island.