Camano State Park February 1, 2014

Camano State Beach-1Saturday, I ventured out to take my first hike of the year, sticking close to home and going to the Camano State Park.  Though the morning started off brisk and cloudy (around 34 deg at the start), the weather people has assured me that the clouds would clear and provide a beautiful day.
The park is a very lovely place with lots of little trails scattered Camano State Beach-3throughout it.  I only made it through a partial of them, so will have to return on another day or three or dozen to finish them off.  The trails take you through the woods and down by beaches.
Camano State Beach-5Wandering along one of the beaches I saw this guy just plowing along through the water.  I couldn’t make out what he had in his beak till I got home and blew the picture up.  I wonder if he’s going to decorate the nest with the starfish after he is done dining on it?
Okay, the twisted part of me looks at these (they were littered all over Camano State Beach-8the beach!) and thinks, “Now that’s a projectile weapon to scare the most seasoned warrior”
Camano State Beach-12Just have to love the gelatinous creatures that issue from the foaming mouth of the ocean!
Someday, his ship will come in.  And I shall be here to greet him. Camano State Beach-17
Camano State Beach-25How can you not love an old tree?  Especially one with a yoni in it?
Then we have the hag tree.  “I’ll get you, and your little dog too!Camano State Beach-35
Camano State Beach-40Love the little mushrooms that litter the trees and ground.  These were so delicate and lacy looking.
Camano State Beach-44Allright, I saw this and saw a witch on a broom.  And thanks to some charming friends of mine who saw “something else”, I shall now not be able to look at this without seeing what their perverted minds conjured.  *sigh*
Tiny bubbles, tiny bubbles on the tree!!!  Camano State Beach-50
I don’t think I shall ever tire of the clouds.Camano State Beach-53
Camano State Beach-56I personally thought it was very thoughtful of the park authorities to place this near the community center so parents (and other affected adults) would have a place for poorly behaved children.  Why, you could leave them there safely tucked away while you explore the trails without worrying about them taunting the wildlife or falling into a ravine.  Now, that’s intelligent Huzzah!
Now, don’t you just feel like you stepped into a time machine and Camano State Beach-75went back to the old west days??  Black and White does so much for the ambiance of some pictures, I must admit.
Camano State Beach-82I couldn’t get enough of this one.  How I hated those signs ordering me to stay on the trail.  And though I am not one for being “obedient”, I understand these signs are to protect the nature.  And so, with a sigh of regret, I comply.  But, to stand in the center of that ring of trees!!  Oh my!
Little mushroom, little mushroom growing in the moss.  How the microCamano State Beach-88 life loves you for the shelter you bring!
Just cuz it was pretty!Camano State Beach-97
See?  The clouds did clear!  And what lovely colors they painted as Camano State Beach-101they slipped away.
Well, these were a bit slower at moving off.Camano State Beach-106
The colors!!  And in the dead of winter!Camano State Beach-123
I’m thinking its the tree’s version of warrior pose.Camano State Beach-133
Just cuz it caught my eye!Camano State Beach-137
Camano State Beach-147Leaving.
Camano State Beach-145What light through yonder tree line break?
The curious sculptures trees make when they get boredCamano State Beach-149.
Camano State Beach-151Spider webs in golden leaves sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight.
The lonely marsh.Camano State Beach-157
Camano State Beach-159Can spend some time finding some interesting things in this on.
My Bokeh shot of the day.  I ratheCamano State Beach-160r like the way this one came out!
Camano State Beach-163Maybe he was looking for the same ship as the gull?
*Happy Sighs*Camano State Beach-164
Camano State Beach-171I believe they are loons.  The loudly announce they are coming in for a landing the entire time until they touch down.  Was very entertaining!
And then they did a repeat performance!Camano State Beach-172
I do love the sleeping plants of winter!Camano State Beach-175
And these little ones were just having the time of their life playing in that puddle!Winter Water Play
Camano State Beach-183Coming home, I had to turn down to the wetlands and get a few shots.
Aren’t they just the cutest couple??Camano State Beach-189
Fuzzy butt!!!Camano State Beach-190
Marsh againCamano State Beach-192
And one more before heading home.Camano State Beach-195

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