Defiance Zoo 12/27/2012

We wondered as we arrived if we should be concer Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0836ned that we were sent a personal escort to guide us on the first leg of our journey.  The weather was just picture perfect for the day.  The clouds over the bay added such a stunning play of colors across the sky.
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0842
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0847Okay, so it was just a wee bit on the cool side.  Tina stayed all bundled up in her down as we wandered through.
 SQUIRREL!!!! Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0854
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0855 I really do need to figure out what these bright lavender berries are.  Very interesting and it could be a poisonous plant I should be making note of.  
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0859The wolves have grown a bit sincethe last time I was here.  Beautiful creatures.
  Tag!  You’re it!!Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0869
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0872
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0882
Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0987
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0995
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_1007
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_1010
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0910
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0911
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0913
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0926
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0963
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0966
 Defiance Zoo & Zoo Lights20121227_0968


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