Garden Start – Clearings

IMG_2624  First day out in the garden for the year.  I do need to do this right in the future and take the camera when I go out and take the before pictures.  Started by raking up the leaves.  Probably could have used them to slide down.  Unfortunately, the leaf claws are too small to sit on for sleds.
 Next up!  Digging up the area for the herb spiral.  Okay, partially digging it up.  I got distracted a few times and clipped some trees, pruned some bushes and ripped out some berry bushes that wandered into areas they don’t belong. IMG_2625
IMG_2626  I did pretty good.  Next time, I need to dig up the lavender and the other bushes and put them into buckets until I get the garden laid down.
 And I have a very nice start to a lovely fire once the weather dries a bit.  That with the bushes I cut back last year and it was too dry to make fires.  That certainly is not an issue this year.  At least not at this point.  It could change come summer, I am sure. IMG_2627
IMG_2628  Nice collection of quarry stone for building walls around the spiral.  I will have to bring in some soil as well.  Need to get the bottom laid down.  Hoping the weather will allow me to get a bit more down this weekend.
 And I have bulbs coming up already!!!  Yayyy!!! IMG_2634
IMG_2639 And her Cassieness was just not at all interested in today’s activities.  She was when it was lunchtime.

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