The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

The second is Eddie, Russian immigrant and street detective who finds lost people.  Then one day, he finds Levy and learns to see the world through the eyes of a camera lens.  The world becomes a different place when he holds the camera and he tells the tales of his city with his images.

The story circles around a real point in history as the two characters slowly start to spin in each other’s direction.  Alice weaves a spellbinding tale of these two unfortunate souls and paints a landscape that will haunt your mind for a long time after.  She’s a master storyteller and every tale seems to find a previously untried direction, unlike many writers who find a path and stick with it.  Alice likes taking the side roads.  I’m guessing because she knows some of the most interesting things can be found around their bends.  Pick up The Museum of Extraordinary Things and breath in the scent of a bygone era dipped generously in a skillful fable.

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