My First Snowfall!!!!

Yay! We got out first snowfall of the year last night. And it mattered not that it was REALLY cold outside and I have had a nasty cold for days, just grabbed a blankie. Just had to go see the pretty fluffy stuff falling from the sky!

So Lance and I took a deep breath and venture out on the patio and looked at the blanket of snow on all the plants. And of course, he had to stick his face in the grasspot to lick the frosting!

Then we came back inside and rolled on the carpet together. Such a happy boofers!!!

And when I looked outside this morning, this was the view from my patio! Quite a change from the land of Summer and Not Summer!

And who needs a silly Christmas Tree when youhave this outside your window???

Of course, sometime today I do need to take a deep breath and start up the car and see if I can survive driving in it. And if I scare myself too much, I can always come back and have a small glass of Brandy to warm by bones and calm my nerves. But for the moment, I am just going to enjoy my Winter Wonderland!

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