Over the Hills and Down the road to Grandaughter’s House we Go!

 And the sun is beginning a slow descent in the sky as we continue to travel on the forever road to Laughlin. But, the colors of the clouds are changing and taking on the softest pastel shades. Quite lovely!

The lavender haze to the sky settles in and brings you to the realization that no matter how skilled the hand, no artist can compete with the brush of the Divine.

 The road is long, with many a winding turn!! Oh wait, not so many turns, but it is quite long.
And I am quite certain that the strokes of the brush Lady Mother Nature applied here was her way of wishing a most happy 12th to Mikki. She even painted most of it in her favorite color, pink. Though I still wonder how I wound up with a best friend whose favorite color is pink!
 And we have arrived! And in time to spend a bit of time with Mikki’s daughter Heather. She is such a beautiful young lady!
 Yeah, I would have a look like that on my face as well if I was under an electric dunce cap! snicker
 Okay, fine. I’ll smile.  Kinda.
 And as we go to breakfast the next morning, we make our way past the “feed me” fish. I’m thinking the guests indulge them just a wee bit. They’re pretty though.
 At granddaughter’s house we have now arrived. And like any good Grandmother, Mikki came bearing offerings. Bubbles!!! Evalyn was a bit shy when we first got there. That is, until she discovered the bubbles. Then we became her playtoys.
 It took her a little while to figure it out, but she got the bubble blowing down like a champ in no time. There’s a child after my own heart. Just give her bubbles and she’s happy!
This was the first time I got to meet Evalyn. She is just precious! I love the look on her face in this one.  Only children are capable of that level of pure joy!  We had such fun with her. Was worth the 3+ hour drive each way to see her. Well, the casino was fun too.

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