Rape – Thy True Name Be Seduction

Yes, we really do seem to be trying to find our way back to the “Good Ole Days”.  Or maybe things just really haven’t changed as much as many of us thought that they had.

Subject of this piece has to do with the Cosby story.  American icon of feel good family life.  We all grew up with him, we all laughed with him.  We all thought he was the embodiment of good common sense and the kind of man you could always feel safe around.  And so when the first story surfaced accusing him, the initial reaction was, oh no!  Not Bill Cosby!  And I must admit that I need to hang my head a bit in shame on it as well.  I questioned the legitimacy of it.  I wondered if it was just someone trying to make some money or get her 15 minutes of fame.  I watched her on some news station and didn’t think she looked or sounded believable.  For her, to her, I am sorry.  For all of the victims, I am sorry.

And no, I am not going to state that Cosby is absolutely guilty.  For one, it is not my place to do so.  That should be up to the courts, the victims.  I am sure there is this chance that he could be innocent.  Though I think that the chance is about equal to Christopher Hitchens being a closeted Christian.  However, I don’t have all the evidence.  But, I have enough to convince my mind.  And the latest released transcripts of the previous accusations.

At any rate, I leave to the courts to take that one on.  My grievance is at the media handling of this whole thing.  And yes, I understand in the beginning, they can claim misgivings and uncertainty at the claims.  I can even grant that they must use the words accused of, reported, etc.  What I cannot accept is the fact that not one of them that I have seen has had the guts to actually spit out that “R” word.


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