Scriber Lake Park Bike Ride 07/07/2013

Scriber Lake20130707_0646After the first bike ride over the weekend, I realized that I had failed to take a necessary turn go to the park I wanted to explore.  And that by this time, I had come to the conclusion that I could safely carry my camera with me as I rode.  So, I turned back for the day, but still clocked over 6 miles on this maiden ride.  Off again the next day, a little bit earlier to beat the heat of the day and my path charted out.   Couldn’t help but come to a stop on one of the streets to catch a picture of this.  Quite interesting salvage artwork.
Scriber Lake20130707_0647This one was most interesting.  Ray gun??
Scriber Lake20130707_0653Its a spiderweb!  Can’t not stop for a cool spiderweb!
Scriber Lake20130707_0656The fireweed that is in bloom is just glorious!  And the sun was hitting them so the blooms just glowed.
Scriber Lake20130707_0660Over the river and through the woods.  Oh wait!  That’s another story! But, this shot could make for a very interesting story.  Dark, secret passageway through the woods.  Hmmmm?
Scriber Lake20130707_0661The guy walking down the street didn’t understand what brought me to such a screeching halt.  Pointed and told him.  Didn’t seem to have any idea.  An osprey in flight!
Scriber Lake20130707_0664Such beautiful raptors.  Not hawks, not eagles, not falcons.  But, similar to all of them.  And they exist in every part of the world where there are fish.  Google is my friend.  I don’t care if they are trying to rule the universe.  They give me very good answers.
Scriber Lake20130707_0685Another dark, mysterious place that can get the wheels of imagination turning and churning out tales of mystery and intrigue and dead bodies!
Scriber Lake20130707_0687Donald was making double time in my direction.  I’m guessing he’s more successful at getting handouts than the guys with their signs at the freeway offramp.
Scriber Lake20130707_0690First view of the lake.  Only a few clouds in the sky.
Scriber Lake20130707_0693Oh, how I love the beauty of the new buds and leaves emerging.  I think it was short after this shot that I discovered the perils of miscalculating the drop at the bottom of the little bridge.  Coming down on seat as seat is coming up from backlash from ground, not good!  Take deep breath and pedal on!
Dragonflies!  Everywhere!Scriber Lake20130707_0695
Scriber Lake20130707_0696And water lillies, though most of them are looking rather dismal due to the heat we have been having.  Or maybe their season is about done.  This was probably the best one I saw.
Scriber Lake20130707_0700The main boardwalk on the pond/lake.  Have to love it when the air is still and the water becomes glassy and reflects the clouds and trees back in crystal clarity, like a nature wonderland you need only reach out to touch.
Scriber Lake20130707_0703And a dragonfly approaches near and hovers.  I have decided that they are most wicked creatures.  They will come close and hover, just long enough for you to get them in your sights and at the split second you click the shutter, they are gone.  Persistence paid off and one hovered just a split second too long.  Score me!
Scriber Lake20130707_0705Picnic and fishing!
Scriber Lake20130707_0709Well, I am nothing if not persistent!  Got quite a number of shots, though I think this was the best of these beauties!  I think the bellows of the ducks helped in keeping my focus.  Not sure I have ever heard them sound like that before and it took a little while for me to attach the sound to the source.  Was very interesting.
Scriber Lake20130707_0713One can so easily forget that they are in the city in surroundings such as this.  Lush green land, the circle of trees about you and every color of blue that a sky can offer.
Scriber Lake20130707_0715Another turn, another look at the lake on the way out.  Stark, serene, peaceful.   I need to go back another time with my paints and see what I can put to paper.
Scriber Lake20130707_0717And this one just sat quietly and let me take as many shots as I wanted of him.  I guess they were tired from the hide and seek antics of earlier.
Scriber Lake20130707_0720The dying branches reaching above the growth to touch the cloud.
Scriber Lake20130707_0722The smaller pond on the way back.  Just couldn’t resist the father and son feeding the ducks together.  Damned fat ducks too!
Scriber Lake20130707_0723Beautiful glassy surface again.  All reaching out from the netherworld below.
Scriber Lake20130707_0727Now “he” deserves a story.  I have been to this part of the park before, taken pictures of this stump, but I don’t recall seeing the old man the last time.
Scriber Lake20130707_0738Lovely plot of daisies.  I wonder who is pushing them up?
Scriber Lake20130707_0739


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