Snoqualamie Falls 05/24/2014

Snoqualamie Falls-1

He said he wanted to see waterfalls.  So, we went to Snoqualamie.  I think he was impressed.  However, a note to self.  Do NOT allow favorite son to play with the controls on camera or you may have to retake the first batch of shots over because of his little “adjustments”.  Personally, I think it was a deliberate attempt to put his mother at a disadvantage on the take home shots.

Snoqualamie Falls-3

As touristy as these falls are, they are still breathtaking.

Snoqualamie Falls-8

I think one of my favorite thing about these falls is watching the shapes that rise up from the mists at the bottom of the falls.

Snoqualamie Falls-17

The single felled tree at the top was quite interesting though.  The young male that attempted to sabotage his dear mother was quite taken with that one.  He got a couple of very interesting shots of it.  But, then again, he cheated in that area as well.  He brought much more impressive lenses than his mother’s budget will allow.  Course they were borrowed from his roommate.  Yes, I admit.  I had lens envy.

Snoqualamie Falls-21

Love those curling ribbons of water falling down.  And the water sylphs escaping above crashing wall.

Snoqualamie Falls-25

Oh look!  A dancer in the myst.  See how she swirls her veil over her head as she spins in the roiling fog around her?

Snoqualamie Falls-27

Kinda looks like it would be nice and warm to slip into, doesn’t it??  Go ahead.  I’ll wait here.

Snoqualamie Falls-36

Little stick trees on the hillside, Little  stick trees made of ticky tacky,1 Little  stick trees on the hillside, Little  stick trees all the same. There’s a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one, And they’re all made out of ticky tacky And they all look just the same.Well, not quite.

Snoqualamie Falls-40

You know?  The sound is almost deafening, and yet it’s also so very peaceful.  I think rushing waters are one of the few things in the world that can make such a claim.

Snoqualamie Falls-43

Its interesting the flocks of people taking pictures of the falls and how few stop and notice the drops of moisture on the tree branches.  Like little diamond pearls.  I didn’t see anyone other than me and my son noticing this enough to capture.  Yeah, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

Snoqualamie Falls-46

Yeah, yeah, they’re pink.  Well, not quite.  More of a light fuscia or something.  But, it’s perfectly fine for flowers to be such colors.  The bees like them that way and any thing that brings the bees around is a friend of mine.

 Snoqualamie Falls-47

More dewdrops, just to say, Hey!  I’m over here!

Snoqualamie Falls-49

I have no idea what it is other than pretty.  And that works.

Snoqualamie Falls-58

Ooooh, Infra-red setting in Lightroom.  I’m liking it!!!  In a stark and frozen land where the trees bloomed with leaves of ice that could slice you to pieces.  Oh, that won’t work.  I’d have to put some red in there.  Maybe on the underbrush.  Little drip drops on the ground.  And a bloody pool of wonder further along.  That has some possibilities!

 Snoqualamie Falls-62

And there he is, looking for that dastardly power switch.  I’m sure its difficult getting used to things that don’t respond to voice commands.

 Snoqualamie Falls-64

He doesn’t know it, but he has attracted the attention of Sasquatch.  See him, standing right behind him?  But, at least he found the power button.  Either that, or he is just relying on the glasses that get him evicted from public establishments.

Snoqualamie Falls-90

Buttercup, buttercup.  Well, its what they look like.  I’m not sure if that’s what they are.  I always love seeing them in the forest.  I should probably look up what they are so I can call them by the right name.  But, if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to sing the buttercup song.  Maybe I’ll look something else up instead.

Snoqualamie Falls-93

It was beautiful down here at the bottom of the falls.  And I think it was about this time that we started to realize the downside to this hike is that going back is all uphill.

 Snoqualamie Falls-96

Fish hook or elephant tusk?  You decide.

Snoqualamie Falls-98

And there’s that tree again.  And now you get a full visual of just how high the climb back up is going to be.  They really need to put a return lift in here!

 Snoqualamie Falls-101

Just breathe.  Nothing else matters here.  It just “is”.

Snoqualamie Falls-111

And now we take a trip back into the way back machine.  And even when we give the little squirrels with their paintbrushes a break, the scene is just as magnificent.

Snoqualamie Falls-112

It may be just a stone’s throw away, but seems a lot of them are missing the mark.

Snoqualamie Falls-114

Remember, just breathe.

Snoqualamie Falls-125

And the quiet places will come.

Snoqualamie Falls-129

And the trees will give you shelter.  Unless there is a landslide, in which case, you’re just a little screwed.  But, that won’t happen.  Well, okay, it has happened before, but it won’t happen today.

Snoqualamie Falls-139

I am sure that, as the crow flies, the way back was much shorter and not so strenuous.

Snoqualamie Falls-143

Just an interesting little roadside bloom.

Snoqualamie Falls-144

The wailing stump!  Maybe that’s the rest of him up on the top of the falls.

Snoqualamie Falls-159

One last look before turning the corner and up the hill.

Snoqualamie Falls-169

And this is how the Grand Canyon was made.  Well, maybe an earthquake or two was thrown in as well for good measure.

 Snoqualamie Falls-174

There’s lots of figures in there.  No drugs required.  Just relax.

Snoqualamie Falls-175

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

Snoqualamie Falls-184

This is one of those trick tests.  Your eyes can’t quite decide which to focus attention on, the water or the grassy plants.  There is a group of researches monitoring the page to record the time lapse on each that will be used to make a personality determination to be added to your permanent file. (Of course, what is so disturbing about this thought is that it might not be far from the truth)

Snoqualamie Falls-185

Pretty little berry making blooms.

Snoqualamie Falls-186

I have no idea what it is.  Its just pretty.

Snoqualamie Falls-187

And the humans go about their business as the storm brews off in the distance.  Our journey at this place is done.  Well, maybe a short stop at the gift shop to get a drink and a gift.  Next, Franklin Falls.


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  1. Nice! I like the most-dancer and Bigfoot best! Anthropomorphic images consistently delight we vain humans.

      1. Thank you so much! Those falls are quite magical. Did you see the ones from Franklin Falls?

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