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Island Home November 1, 2013

Its a very strange notion to look around yourself and realize that this is “your” home. It took well over 50 years for me to get to this point, a point I really never saw myself getting to. But, I am here and this morning I made my very first payment. Only 359 more to go! And the big question is, will I live to see the last payment made??? I do hope so.
IMG_1971All new house stories should begin at the beginning and when you were first introduced.  Granted, it wasn’t what I had in my mind as the choice of homes I thought to ever see myself into.  But, as you walk through the front door, the very first room is big and roomy and lots of windows all around it.
IMG_1972Though I think I would have preferred if this window had been facing toward the backyard instead of the front yard.  But, it would still do.
IMG_1968Love all the black built ins in the kitchen.  And quite a nice amount of room in the kitchen.  Lots of cupboards, storage, and even an island in the center.
IMG_1969Not a “wood” stove, but a propane one to look like a wood stove.  I suppose its safer and maybe even more economical.  I will still have to get myself at least a firepit to put up in the back yard so I can have the flamage thing when I need it.  Plus, it will save on the trash take away if I can burn much of it.
IMG_1970Beautiful built in china cabinet.  Somehow, I have a feeling what will soon be inhabiting the cabinet is nothing like it has held in the past!
IMG_1966The back porch.  I can see that I shall be spending much time out here once I am settled and the weather allows!
IMG_1992Well, I have been in my new home for a month and a half now. I suppose the first couple weeks almost don’t count, as it felt like I was living in a storage unit. All the furniture plus the boxes in the house on the first weekend. The second weekend, in came all the books and things I was able to do without till moving day.
IMG_1991 When the second load came it, it pretty much filled the rather large living room here. Cassie wasn’t quite sure whether to be disturbed by the box maze in there or if she had just gotten a giant new playground.She was trying to convince me that she was certain that this box contained her favorite toys.  I think it maybe had a jar of catnip in it.  I suppose that qualifies.
IMG_1983Day two of the box load.  Nice dent made in it.  Cassie thinks I am going to chase her through the box maze.
IMG_1993 Another day of unpacking and the box count is way down.  Bookshelves are beginning to fill up.  Even though I realize how much I have gotten done, it still seems like there is so very much left to do.  And work keeps calling me which is seriously slowing down the unpacking process.  I have a feeling I won’t be able to get out and do the exploring I wanted to on my time off.
IMG_1996Shelves are almost filled up!  And I look at the stack of boxes in the center of the room and realize what a large number of boxes that is!  Woot!  Course, I still have to come back later and put them in order.  In my rush to get things unpacked, and clear the boxes, I just started stuffing books onto shelves.  That’s okay.  It will give me a chance to inventory them as I go.  There’s been a lot of movement in what is there, so what I
IMG_1985The kitchen is also starting to take shape.  It seems to be going back and forth between a state of mess and a state of coolness.  This is obviously one of the mess moments.  But, fear not.  All the things laying on the counters will find at least a temporary home behind a cupboard door or on a shelf.
IMG_1974 RABBIT!!!  The squirrels were hiding at the moment so we must accept the rabbit substitute for the “squirrel” Intermission.  Actually, this shot was taken before I moved in.  But, it is still cool.  The rabbit just froze.  I guess it thought if it didn’t move, I could see it.  It was actually quite amusing, as it allowed me to continue to take shot after shot of it.
IMG_1986Little by little, things are falling into place.  The cabinet is filling.  The Ladies and their menageries need at least a temporary home.  The ones that don’t play will with others have found their own places in other areas.  So, there is harmony and the house now has its guardians.  The gardens will get their own in time.
The den.  Early stages.  This is the comfort room.  Right next to the kitchen.IMG_1984
IMG_1988The studio.  Early stages.  Well, at least the drawing desk and lamp are in place.  We still need to find all the tools and colors and such.
IMG_1990I have a place to sleep too.
IMG_2004The studio is taking more shape.  Books are finding their way in and in somewhat appropriate shelves and such.
IMG_2005And I even have my window seat in there with a reading/drawing/coloring lamp.  And this window looks out over the back yard where the squirrels and rabbits play.  The squirrels keep digging back there, so I think my yard is full of buried squirrel treasure.
IMG_1997Such a pretty back yard it is too.  Deep breaths.  Yes, I think it is a bit of a magical place.
IMG_1998Cloud gazing and sipping a cup of coffee.
IMG_1999Pretty clouds.  Even better than squirrels.
IMG_2007See?  The kitchen has been cleared!  I think I forgot how much cooking stuff I had.  Its been stored in a storage room for over 5 years.  Time to get it back to work.
 IMG_2013And there is Missy Herself Princess Foof!  How did I wind up with such a creature?  Ah well, she does provide much amusement!
IMG_2045Spider!  And no, its not the Zombie Demon Spider from the Bowels of Hell that would NOT die.  This is one of my friends and guardian spiders.  They seem to be forming a fringe around the perimeter of the house.  This one did the excited bouncy dance when I approached with my camera.  “Here!” he bounced!!
IMG_2048 And what is a home without tools?  Found this lovely piece at a thrift store for a song!!!
IMG_2057House unpacked.  Finally got a sunny day on the weekend, so its time to put the watersealer on the front porch.  I figured the best way to get this done so I liked it was to do it myself.  Took me a few hours and was quite the workout!!!  But, I think it came out quite lovely.
IMG_2056See?  Lovely!
IMG_2055Welcome to my new home!!
IMG_2054And then there was another of those wonderful thrift store finds.  And yes, its an excellent tool.  But, it was just irresistible with the bonus uses it is capable of!!!
IMG_2050 And this one needs to stay as a larger size.  It only has a couple of leaves left on it right now.  I suppose that shall have to be in a new post.  But, this is one of the lovely little trees I inherited with my property.
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