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Let the Party and the Gifts Begin!

 Back in Phoenix and time to get ready for the party! But, firsto spend a short bit of time with Mikki’s roommate, Gilly. We got just a bit more of a close up than was intended, but I think its rather cute.
 And another one of her. This time she didn’t try and rush the camera. Her owner thinks she’s German Shepard and Terrier, but I think she’s Border Collie and Terrier. At any rate, she is just a sweetheart and gently nudges you for pets and scratches. Very well behaved and quite entertaining!
 First Bling of the night. Sparkly bracelet that actually fits Mikki’s small wrists. Quite a present for a 12 year old! We have such fun with her being a leap year baby. I try very hard to remember on the off years to set my alarm for midnight to call her and wish her a very merry unbirthday!
So appropriate for Mikki! Lots of pink! And its cute and quirky.  
I’m thinking that she likes it! And maybe someday she will forgive me for this shot! Well, what fun is there in taking posed pictures of people? Its far more fun to catch them in unexpected moments! And at least I remembered to take pictures of people on this trip!
I’m thinking she doesn’t look please with someone. I didn’t do it! I have an alibi! I was holding the camera. Oh wait! Maybe that was it!
Fire!!!! I do so love fire!
Wasn’t sure if I was going to catch the sparks shooting out, but I got lucky. I’m not too fond of the delay on the camera. Well, that’s what I get for having to take the little one instead of the good one.
More sparks and sputters!! Wheee!!! I could spend all night here by the fire!
Pretty flame!
 Mikki and the boys. From left to right, Justin (one of Mikki’s adopted boys and soon to be father), Mikki, Jimmy and Nyle. Justin went off earlier in the evening to drag Jimmy and Nyle over. I could have smacked them for needing someone to drag them to their mother’s 12th birthday. Its not like she gets one every year like the rest of us.
All of them again, same order. You’d think they could have mixed it up a bit!
And the birthday serenade by Angela! That woman has quite the voice on her!
And the passing of the flaming cake. At least you save on the candle expense with the leap years! grin
I guess it was necessary for me to be at the receiving end of at least one of the pictures, if for no other reason than to show that I really was there!
Here we have Mikki with her love, Jerry. I think she made a good choice in this one. I like him!
Back to the fire! Kinda knew I couldn’t stay away from it for long. And it did get me away from the guy who seemed to be under the delusion that I was just “playing” coy and if he tried harder, he could wear me down and I would succumb to his self-perceived “charms”. Yeah, Mikki tried to warn him. And he thought I was kidding when I told him I BITE!
But, doesn’t the flame on this fire look like an Indian in full garb doing a ceremonial dance?
And he turned to face his partner here!  Oh, wait!  That’ a square dance.  Never mind!
And the Griffon overlord!!!
And as a finale for the night, Mikki asked Angela to sing her On a Broken Wing. Thought she could sing before, but this was so very impressive!
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