Monster Hunters International – Larry Correia

Monster Hunters InternationalNo, this is not typically my style of book.  It is a true guy’s book, full of guns and high tech weaponry and lots of blood, guts and flying limbs.  Oh, and lots of monsters!  The “hero” of this first book is Owen Pitts, who wakes up in the hospital after being attacked by his very unpleasant boss who transforms into a werewolf and wants to make Owen his lunch.  Owen manages to take him out after a long drawn out battle on the office floor and suffers many injuries himself.  He awakens in the hospital with a couple of government agents in the room with him, watching him very carefully to see if he is going to turn into a werewolf, where if he does, they plan on taking him out.

He has another visitor, who tells him if he gets tired of his current life of accountant, there is a place for him at Monster Hunter’s International.

The book was entertaining and amusing.  I actually enjoyed most of the cliches and puns riddled through the book, and there were only a few times that I found it annoying.  The fight scenes did sometimes get a bit drawn out and I got frustrated with waiting for them to finally come to some form of end.  But, I suppose the chest beaters that are literate would find them to their liking.  I understand that the author is a sharp shooter and a weapons specialist, so he has at least taken the advice to write what he knows.

As I said, this is so very much NOT my standard taste in books.  That said, my hat is off to the author for being able to hold my interest in this book.  No, it isn’t “fine” writing.  He’ll never get a Pulitzer or Nobel for MHI.  But, it is a fun, rollicking read full of flying body parts, urban myths, custom weapons and some very cool monsters.

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