My New Craft Studio

Web Design Applicant

I have absolutely NO idea what kind of spider this is, but she was very determined not to be moved from the door of the new craft studio.  I think she wanted an invite inside to come and do the web design for the studio.  I had to tell her that I was going to do that as well myself and send her on her way.  I do hope she took the hint and doesn’t come back.20160709_162338

Studio 1

Not bad for a start.  Needs a lot of organizing still, but will be a fun place to play.20160709_173553

Studio 2

All the necessities have been brought.  Coffee pot that can make either coffee or hot water for tea.  Ohhh, must bring some bag tea out here as well.  Tarot decks on the shelves for creative inspiration.  Not I need to unload the fabric from the bins to put in the shelves.

Studio 3

Okay, there is a lot of bins that still need to be dealt with.  But, all in good time.  All in good time.20160709_173624

Studio 4

This is going to be FUN!!!  Only thing missing, is MUSIC!  And that is coming soon.20160709_173637

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