Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

sharp-objects-book-coverShe has done it again!  Chills up my spine and flesh crawling amazing!  This woman is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors!

Sharp Objects is about a reporter, Camille Preaker who is sent to cover the murder of two young girls from the town where she was born and raised.  She returns to her home, which she hasn’t been back to in years, to her cold mother and a very precocious younger sister, Emma.

Camille is a cutter, but not a conventional cutter.  She is a word cutter and her body is a tapestry of the words she has cut through the years.  Years of therapy have gotten her to stop taking the knife to her body, but being back home with all its memories and ghosts makes the words whisper to her.

This book is haunting and spine chilling in the characters Gillian brings forth.  Complex characters that are conflicting balances of good and evil.  Through the tapestry of young and old women, she shows the cruelty that women are capable of inflicting on each other.  Far deeper and more scarring than the wounds of a man, for a woman wounds at an intimate level.  And there are a few in this landscape that are true artists in this regard.

From the mother who is cold and dispassionate until Camille is sick and then turns into a doting and caring nurse, to her sister, Emma, and her friends who think cruelty is a sport.  Yet, Emma also has a soft side that shows up.  A need, a fierceness, a desire to be loved as deep as what Camille carries.  One who hurts themselves, one who hurts others.  Both tortured souls that must manifest their torture outward.

Gillian’s writing takes you deeply into the head and the soul of Camille and allows you to see the world through a “cutter”, a damaged soul.  She vividly creates a possible world that can mold such a person and you breathe with her each experience and hear the whisper of each carved word.

The mystery unfolds and as in the other book of her’s I read, Gone Girl, I had somewhat figured out who the murderer was, but how she delivers it was once again a curve ball.

She has one last book that I have not read which had jumped to the top level of my list and I hope that she is working on the next, because I must admit, I am addicted to her stories now!

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