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The trip back from Mojave

Bit of a rough night at the casino hotel, so sleep was not well received.  The air conditioner in the room had been possessed by a wailing Banshee and kept getting louder each time it started up.  It took a while for me to find the culprit, but I turned it off and hoped the room wouldn’t get too hot.  But, half the night was gone by then.  Oh well, who needs sleep on a vacation?  And we start the long drive back through the Mojave. And I just realized I did these out of order. Oh well! But, we have clean windows and the sky is still filled with beautiful clouds. And the temperature is in the 60’s, so I am quite comfortable!  
 Sometimes the surreal look of the clouds in the sky almost make you question if it is a picture or a painting. Just breathtaking seeing them hover over the tops of the mountains. And the mountains got a spattering of snow while we slept.  
 Now, you know you have done something seriously wrong when the mountain flips you off! Wasn’t us! Nope!
 Just breathtaking!
 The stark walls shooting forth from the desert floor, riddled with small hidden caves hiding treasures and maybe even bats!
    Just spatterings of snow, soft clouds and a wonderful drive.
 More snow, more mountains, more clouds. Can it get any better for a long drive?
 Oh yeah, and great company. And the radio was even complying by playing good music to go along with the trip.
 And the beauty of the sun attempting to break through the clouds for a little peek at the Lady’s nightly artistry.
 As we journey along, the clouds eventually begin to break apart, luminescent in the bathing warmth of the sun above, lords and ladies in waiting on the majestic mountains below.
 It’s quite amazing to look upon such start differences in the vista before you. The soft billowing clouds over the snow speckled mountains with the forefront of the harsh desert floor with its sagebrush offerings.
 Again, the amazing giant cairns dotting the roadside. Lonely Gods teaching the lessons of patience to the busy humans rushing past.
 Trees! Yes, they really and truly are. Not nature’s plantings. For she knows better than to put such things in so arid a place. Only humans would try to make a home in such an alien land. I do hope they have the resources to provide for them where the land cannot.
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