Over the Hills and Down the road to Grandaughter’s House we Go!

 And the sun is beginning a slow descent in the sky as we continue to travel on the forever road to Laughlin. But, the colors of the clouds are changing and taking on the softest pastel shades. Quite lovely! The lavender haze to the sky settles in and brings you to the realization that no […]

Phoenix – The City of the Grid

Coming into Phoenix, the thing that struck first was “Its so BROWN!”  Okay, coming from someone who makes their home in the Pacific NorthWest, most places would probably look a bit on the dingy side.  But, this was just “brown”.  Brown hills, beige tinge to the skyline, everything in various shades of brown and tan. […]

>I decided to give myself a treat on the next leg of the journey and I stayed at the most adorable Bed and Breakfast for a night. Of course, I wound up in the room that had the painting of a girl looking at a dead bird (sorry about the glare, but there really is […]

Karissa Visit

The next stop of course was to see the awesome young lady and to say goodbye to the mutant. She made me go to this really, terribly, horribly bad comic show with her. But, we made the best of it anyway! She’s gotten cute, hasn’t she? Don’t tell her though, it might swell her head […]

>So, I thought I would try joining in on this silly thing and begin with my new life and some pictures of the start of my journey. My first stop was with my friend Tina and this is what it looked like from her balcony. Most lovely farmlands right outside her balcony and way off […]